Barry M: Tangerine Swatch & Review ★★★★★/5

Allo polish Pals!

I have to say a massive thank you to those who have been so supportive to me. You guys.. you never let me down and I owe you so much. Sometimes when things feel bleak a comment here or there from you can really brighten my day. Here's a little update on things, My eye become so much worse that tomorrow I will go to the doctors - It would seem like the obvious thing to do right? But of course this is the first time I have needed to visit the doctors here and I will have to use my health card, and insusurence, and money is tight.. so it really isn't just as simple as booking an appointment. I struggle to see well with my right eye so when, eventually, the newer posts get posted things might be a bit... wobbly or weird looking. I don't like filling blog posts with such crappy crap :')

Thankfully having so many posts ready has enabled me to keep posting - Today I have Barry M's 'Tangerine' to share with you from the Gelly range.

Colour ~ 'Tangerine' is a gorgeous bright medium orange. Its colour is strong and looks fabulous in just two coats. It is incredibly juicy looking and suits its name perfectly. A beautiful and fun shade for summer.

Application ~ Just like my past experience with the Barry M Gelly's, this one was a treat to apply. It dried in a very reasonable time and looked flawless and glossy even without a top coat. I had no experience with streaking or bubbling and much to my delight it self leveled nicely.

Texture ~ It has the typical medium thick consistency of Gelly polishes.

Recommend it to a friend? Completely, a good friend would benefit from having this shade in their collection.

★★★★★/5 I absolutely love this fun orange shade, there's something about its vibrancy and shade that just makes me so happy to see it on my nails and I think its a beautiful accompaniment to many types of nail art. In my opinion you really can't go wrong with the quality of the Gelly range.

What do you think of this fun orange? Are you a fan of orange polishes?

Have a great day,




  1. I really like this pretty orange! Get well soon!

  2. Replies
    1. I completely agree, its why I had to have it! xx

  3. Wow, these are awesome! Thank you for the tutorial! I want to try this nail design :)

  4. What a gorgeous summery polish! I love how it looks on you.

    Hope your sight is getting better soon!
    xo, Pia

    1. Thank you, Pia! I don't wear oranges that often really but I do think this one looks so refreshing :) xx

  5. I hope your eye gets better soon! <3

  6. awesome look ! i have few orange nail polishes.use them rare , i dont know why !


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