Colourful Mixed 3D Nail Art Studs - Born Pretty Store Review

*This item(s) was provided for me to review but as always this post will contain my full and honest opinion

Allo polish Pals,
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Today I am showing you another product from The Born Pretty Store. These are 'Mixed Bowknot Nail Studs Resin Colorful 3D Nail Decoration' – Phew that was a long name. This manicure is crazy and I like that!

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Born Pretty Store states that these studs will come in sizes 1mm-10mm so there's something for everyone if your not a fan of larger studs. The picture shown on the Born Pretty Store shows a variation to the studs I received – it looks like they are really randomly selected but I absolutely loved what was in my pot. I had beautiful 3D tear drops, Tiny cute bow ties, big pearly hearts and half beads, small crystal like studs, squares and rectangles and one beautiful white moustache. There was also three big beaded hollow heart shapes (You will see this in the picture featuring the studs, click read more)

I recently used some of these studs in other manicures which you can see here and here.

They are all really easy to apply, I used my pointy tweezers to apply them on top of a tacky top coat and they stayed on pretty nicely. I loved this mixed pot and will find myself using these beautiful studs time and time again.

The manicure I am wearing here features studs that came from the pot only. I used Catrice's 'The Bride Takes It All' and Fearne's 'Night Owl for this nail art, on my thumb, middle and pinky finger I freehanded the swirls using my bamboo brush and my acrylic paint.

What do you think of this random selection of studs? Would you use studs like these?
Have a great day!


  1. This is such a fun looking manicure and the studs are quite unique ones. This is the first time I see them!

    1. Thank you, Andrea! Yes the studs are really quite different from most sets you'd get but I like the varity :) xx

  2. I like the look of these studs, but I think I would manage to rip them off my nails right away if I was to wear them. Very pretty on you though, and a lovely manicure!

    1. Thank you very much, Emelie! Surprisingly they actually stayed on with just top coat for quite some time, especially the moustache which I figured due to my placing wouldn't last long but it did :D xx

  3. This is so fun! I love the black and white and all the fun embellishments!

  4. Beautiful mani, all this looks stunning together <3

  5. Nice swirl!! Kinda hypnotic :P
    I like very much the complete manicure and all the 3D embellishments!!!

  6. I love this, it's so much fun - and well made too :)


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