The Little Mermaid Nails - Freehand

I wanna be where the people are
I wanna see, wanna see them dancin'
Walking around on those - what do you call 'em?
Oh - feet! ♪

Inspired by two pins on Pinterest which you can see HERE and HERE.

For this manicure I began by creating a gradient using Picture Polishe's 'Wisteria', Sally Hansen's 'Lilac Heart', I also used a polish from Yes Love and Collection but I am failing right now to think which ones! I then created – or attempted to paint Ariel with acrylic paints. I finally sponged on a little of of Barry M's 'Glitterazi'. I finished it all off by applying my Nail Girls top coat.

I'm actually deeply unhappy with this manicure. There where bubbles and the glitter..doesn't look like glitter at all! Its magical as I wanted it to be. I think more shimmer or sparkle in the sky somehow would have improved this manicure, what do you think?

Have you done mermaid nails before? What do you think of my attempt to paint Ariel?
Have yourself a swimmingly good day!


  1. What an amazing nail art :O
    I love the colors and you have made a wonderful lil mermaid :)
    So beautiful :)

  2. Oh Ithi I don't understand how you could be unhappy with it! It is sooooo beautiful! If you'd do something like that to my nails I wouldn't want to take it off ... like ever!

  3. This manicure is gorgeous! So beautiful - I totally love it!
    Take a second look at your mani and imagine the bubbles belong there. Mermaids love a bubble bath too, right? BTW they are not visible in the pics!
    I think they are perfect
    xo, Pia

  4. Soooo gorgeous Ithi! I love it, beautiful colors and Iove the mermaid.

  5. beautiful look ! you are an artist !pictures are fantastic !
    have a nice weekend dear Ithi !

  6. Honey, despite the bubbles (we all know gradienting can do that annoying thing), I think these look fantastic - I love the silhouette and the moon's shine on the sea! Plus, the fact that you've nailed the silhouette on two nails is a great feat all by itself! :D

  7. Yeah, I didn't see any glitter.
    But Ithi, honestly, it's a MERMAID. It's a gorgeous mani, and the freehanded Ariel is awesome! I actually like the lack of too much sparkle - makes it look more like a painting. It's gooooorgeous!

    And I had mermaids on my phalanges just last week - mermaids. <3

  8. Gorgeous Ithi! Too bad the glitter didn't show. I actually didn't see the bubbles until I read what you wrote, nevertheless a lovely manicure!

  9. You are always too hard on yourself! These are so gorgeous and you did an incredible job! I love mermaids, especially Ariel :)

  10. This is so cute!! Don't worry about the bubbles the important thing is the design and it's great! :D


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