VIP Freehand Henna Flowers

Allo polish Pals!
How has your week been? Give me one fact that made you smile so far this week! Ah, I love it when we share random snippets, even if it means I am just throwing questions at you! I have another manicure that was created while I was in England, and actually the last. I was a busy little bee, huh? ~ Shame the productivy is at a stand still now I am home...It was an amazing change to paint at a table, to have good lighting, to actually sit on a chair (If you don't know, my nail art is normally created in the bedroom, sitting on the bed with a cardboard box as a table...yeah, you get the idea!) My mum very kindly treated me to a few new polishes while I was home, one I picked up myself was Barry M's 'VIP' and I just had to try it ASAP!

For this manicure I began with three coats of Barry M's 'VIP' on all my nails excluding my ring finger. I then used black acrylic paint to create my teeny tiny Henna inspired flower designs and added a little bit of gold here and there. My ring finger was an incredibly rushed job (I was running behind on time) so I left it as a simple angled French manicure with Barry M's 'Black Berry'.

I just fell in love with VIP and I really wanted to create something with it. I'm really happy with how my flowers came out but I wish I had done something nicer on my ring finger. Too bad!

Have you tried any freehand flower nails? Do you have an ultimate favorite glitter?
Have a beautiful day!


  1. OMG! I can't believe you hand painted the beautiful flowers!! The blue glitter polish looks so gorgeous on you :) One thing that made me smile, hmmm, I'm having a packet of oreo right now and I'm super happy about it lol :D

  2. What made me smile? My son dancing :)
    Lovely mani - very elegant and mysterious somehow.

  3. Wonderful nail art and I especially like that you painted this one on a sparkly base, the effect is stunning. How can you paint such fabulous designs on the bed? For me it would be very hard without a table. I already have back pain from all the wrong sitting positions! Today, I didn't smiled a lot, so I can not give you any fact that cheered me up :( super boring day and an extremely hot one too :((

  4. Sooo beautiful and kind of romantic too. :-)

  5. Actually, my husband always makes me smile! :) Lovely painting!

  6. This is so gorgeous! Also, I am 10000x more impressed that you create those AMAZING works of nail art on a cardboard box on your bed! You are SO talented!


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