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Allo polish Pals!
How are you today? I hope you have had a good week so far.
Do you know what one of my favorite nail art style is? Gradients of course! I don't think you can beat a good gradient. THIS is not a good example of 'good' gradients. This manicure was created in my 'eh, meh, bleh' period. None the less, its here! I love this glitter polish from Essence, Mr Bravo and I went to the opening of our local drug store that opened up a few weeks back - it was two small drug stores that got knocked down into one rather fine, fairly large 'kruidvat' which is a big chain here in Holland. When I saw this glitter and I 'oohed and ahhed' he very kindly insisted it was to live in my collection.

Today I have a very bright and 'interesting' manicure to share with you, probably not for those who prefer subtle nail art!

For this manicure I began with two coats of Catrice's 'Honey Blossom' on all my nails. Once dry I began using striping tape to section off triangles on the upper part of my nail and filled it in with Barry M's 'White'. I then used a mixture of rainbow polishes to create gradients on top – using regular tape to stop my colours from going onto the nude polish. I then used Essence's 'Festival Of Colours' on top of the nude polish and finally added a white line to separate the two with white acrylic paint. I finished it all off with Catrice's top coat.

The polishes I used for my rainbow gradient are
Red: 'Copacobana' - Barry M
Orange: 'Tangerine' – Barry M
Yellow: 'Yellow Taxi' - NYC
Green:'Roll In The Grass' - Rimmel
Blue: 'Bestival Blue' – Rimmel
Purple: 'Wisteria' – Picture Polish
Pink: 'Pink Bamboo' – Mary Kay

What do you think of my very bright and glitter manicure? Do you like glitter polishes over nudes?

Have a fantastic day!


  1. I like the effect of the gradient and the glitter polish is indeed a great one! All in all it is a fun looking mani!

  2. Your gradient looks perfect, dear! I could never do such a fine color change.Hopefull I will get a chance to visit a Kruidvat again this year!

  3. Wow all those different colors close to your cuticles look perfect and really add an extra touch to this mani!

  4. Great mani :) I love gradients too, they're the easiest and very effective designs to do :D


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