Freehand Leafy Nail Art With 3D Ladybirds (With Wings!)

Allo polish Pals!
How are you doing today? I think it was around a year ago now that I had an idea to create my own 3D DIY wings... I never actually got around to trying it but the idea had still been stuck in my head. Originally I was going to do it with bumble bees but in the end it turned into ladybirds!

I like how the little one's wings turned out, I wanted them to be transparent instead of solid, somehow the thumb wings came out solid white... huh.

Today I am flying back to Holland. It's been a very odd week with too much crying, laughing, reminising and celebrating the life of my Grandad. Its been an emotional rollercoaster. Now its time to go home and be back with Mr Bravo, things can calm down and I'm going to get back into my routines. I'll be back commenting very soon, I have missed visiting your blogs as much as I had been.

For this manicure I began with two coats of Barry M's 'Meadow and created a gradient with Picture Polishes 'Jade' and Barry M's 'Mustard'. On top of that I added a special effect topcoat from Hema called 'Green Circus'. I then used my oumaxi paints and bamboo brush to freehand the background leaves.

For the wings I used a small piece of baking paper and added some of Essie's 'Sparkle On Top' (I think) on either side. Once dry I used my craft knife to cut small wing shapes. The lady birds were regular studs which I coated with Rimmel's 'Queen of Tarts'. I then used my black acrylic paint to add their dots. Finally, once everything was dry and ready I added a small amount of top coat to the ladybirds to stick the wings on to them.

While it was not entirely what I had hoped for, it was quite time consuming to get to the end result (Especially if you include the time freehanding the leaves.) so I thought I'd share it with you – Next time I will ensure that the leaves are completely sheer!

Have you ever created 3D components for your manicures? How do you think these wings turned out?

Have a beautiful day!


  1. Love the wings and the whole mani!
    Last days were hard for us too. My mother-in-law got a cerebral stroke.

  2. wow I love those little wings that you added to give the lady birds that 3D effect! this nail art is again sooo pretty ;)

  3. OMG, you're so creative! I've never made something similar. I love the 3D effect and the wings are such a great idea! I am glad that you made this one and shared with us!

  4. wow i love your nail design))))
    kisses from ukraine :-*****

  5. wow,, no words .superb look! what an amazing work! thank you to show us this mani ! and yes, great idea for wings ! i like lady bugs so i like this mani ! all my compliments for your hard work

  6. This is stunning! Love the idea of incorporate vings to the nail art! I really like 3D stuff in nail art so I'm very impressed with this creative and unique idea! :D
    I can imagine that your week has been both hard and fun. Hope you'll have a safe trip back to Holland.

  7. I hope you are better dear Ithi :)
    I love your mani, you are so creative artist dear friend :)

  8. This is so cute! I love the little wings and all the details you created. I love looking at 3D nail art but when I try to wear it myself I end up ruining it after like 5 minutes... Still, gorgeous mani!

    I hope you feel better soon, it is hard to go through something like that. Stay strong and I hope you have a safe trip back to the Netherlands! xx

  9. Your 3D ladybugs are amazing! those wings really take them to the next level!

  10. What a creative idea! :D
    This little addition to the nail art make it really stand out!

  11. Oh my gosh, that is so, so pretty, I love it <3


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