Freehand Mousey Nail Art

Allo polish Pals!
I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend? Did you do anything nice? Today I have some more animal nail art for you – I like my animals :) I have to warn you this is one of the manicures I created while my eye was puffy so I had very blurry vision! I know I say it a lot... But I really really really, most certainly hate this manicure. It's not even a small amount of dislike..
I began with my thumb, middle and ring finger by applying two coats of Nails Inc's 'Colville Mews' and created my mice with acrylic paints and my bamboo brush. On my remaining fingers I created a gradient using Catrice's 'My Yellow Fellow' and NYC's 'NY Taxi'. I then used my acrylics again to create some holey looking parts and chewed edges to hopefully look like cheese.

I do wish my whole mouse had come out a little neater looking but is he at least a tiny bit cute?

Do you like having animal inspired nails? Do you prefer animal patterns or whole pictures?

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. I think this is a very cute manicure! Why don't you like it? I love it how your thumb mouse is Holding the cheese! And also your cheese-nails look lovely!

    My weekend was a bit boring so far as I an not feeling that well and don't have the energy to do anything special. I didn't even blog even though I intended to... 😒
    xo, Pia

    1. Thank you so much, Pia! <3 I don't know, I just felt like my lines were so messy.. ah well. I am glad you like it! :)

      I hope you are feeling better by now - your health comes first and sometimes its good to have days just to rest if you need it. I hope your having a better start to the week! xx

    2. Yes, thank you! I'm feeling much better!
      I hope you're doing alright too and being with your family helps with the pain your going through.
      xo, Pia

  2. The mouse is so sweet!! :3
    I really like how the thumb came out!

  3. This is so adorable!! Don't be so hard on yourself :)

  4. he you Ithi ! no no, be good girl ! i love this mani, so cute ! well done , you know that


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