NYC: NY Taxi Swatch & Review ★★★★/5

Allo polish Pals!

How are you today? How is your week going? I'm doing ok, I've been taking myself on long walks as a step to get back into fitness. My eye is healing nicely so now is the time to start getting back into my normal routine... I must keep busy for the other things I am worrying and powerless to do anything about! Today I am sharing with you a punchy bold yellow from a brand I've not actually tried myself before, This is NY Taxi from NYC. Considering I had no experience with this brand and the fact it is so hot here that the fans need to be on which can cause problems with polish, this did seem like some kind of experiment.

apologies for how my index nail looks! It looks a little flat, I think!

Colour ~ 'NY Taxi' is knock out bright yellow with incredible vibrancy and effect. My first coat was seriously streaking and in the end I applied four coats to ensure a flawless looking finish. That's two more coats than I prefer but you know what? I think the end result is worth it. And yes, this screams New York taxi to me!

Application ~ I already mentioned the streaking on the first two coats, however I was really pleasantly surprised. I had expected there to be a mountain of bubbling going on since I applied these coats quite fast for swatching purposes but I had no bubbles and it even seemed to self level quite nicely!

Texture ~ I find it hard to describe this... I would say perhaps it is more along the lines of a crelly type texture and dries into a beautiful high gloss finish.

★★★★/5 I'm giving this polish 4 stars, while I absolutely adore it I do find that an extra two coats is a little above my level of patience. It is unlike any yellows I currently have in my collection and I do really enjoy wearing these New Yorker nails! I recommend it for those looking for a unique yellow.

What do you think of this taxi yellow? What is your all time favourite yellow?

Have a fantastic day!




  1. Wow, so brigh and happy! I prefer pastel yellows. But I don't have a go-to favorite.

  2. I like this yellow shade, well almost any yellow shade is awesome though. XD great swatch as always. xx

  3. ah, so stunning ! real taxi color ! i like it so much ! perfect for summer

  4. this is a great color for summer, too bad about the application :(


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