Pink & Purple Waves With Sweet Little Daisy Studs – Born Pretty Store Review

Allo polish Pals!
How are you doing today? I hope you will have a fantastic weekend! I'll be off to Brabant, a province in Holland. Mr Bravo's niece has been staying here for six weeks and now its time to take her home and also to celebrate her 8th birthday with all the family, are you doing anything nice?

Today I have some really cute little studs to show you from The Born Pretty Store. This is an unofficial review as I picked these up around a month ago, I just thought they looked so pretty! These are 'Sweet Little DaisyStuds'. I decided to pair these with another style I did recently, that odd looking acrylic gradient wave, I quite enjoy painting these even if they do take me just about forever to complete!

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These cute little resin studs come in two colours, black with a gold center and white with a gold center. They come in a little baggy containing three studs – it may not seem like a lot but they are totally reusable and when I think about it, two was enough for one manicure for me. I don't think I'd wanted them on every nail! They are approximately 5mm in size and fit quite happily onto the nail bed. I really like them and may even consider picking up the white version!

For this manicure I began with two coats of Rimmel's 'Let's Get Nude'. Next I blocked out my coloured area with white acrylic paint and smoothed it out with my Catrice top coat. I then used Oumaxi pink and purple paints to attempt a colour blend. I then added some small white dots and applied my flower studs using a dot of top coat.

What do you think of these sweet little studs? Do you like the mix of black and white with bright colours?

Have a great weekend!


  1. I love the pink going in to the purple =]

  2. A colourful mani with a touch of elegant vibe :)

  3. It's very different somehow - but pretty!

    1. Thank you so much, Maria, I think its the acrylic gradient, it does look quite different to a normal polish gradient! xx

  4. Great mani, I love it. The colours are so good together :-D

  5. Whole design looks spectacular Ithi :)

  6. wow love that little ombre effect you created there looks great!!!!!

  7. Oh very beautiful design

  8. Very particular manicure! The flowers are very pretty. ;)

  9. I love the colors and those studs are so cute!

  10. That's relly beautiful, these colour look beautiful together :)


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