Rimmel: Baby Bellini Swatch & Review ★★★★★/5

Allo polish Pals!
How are you doing today? I had a rather nice weekend. On Saturday we went to take Mr Bravo's Niece back home after having her with us for six weeks – we also celebrated her 8th birthday and Sunday was a sort of relaxing day, I got nothing done nail wise that I had intended to do but I got some house things done that had to be done. What did you do?
I have a swatch to share with you today! This is 'Baby Bellini' from Rimmel's Cocktail collection.

Colour ~ 'Baby Bellini' is a stunning deep violet purple with subtle violet and magenta shimmer. If you enlarge my pictures you can see the shimmer quite nicely, yes yes? 

Application ~ It was actually pretty breezy, I had no trouble with bubbles or streaking and two coats was enough to get a very nice high shine, professional looking finish. Dry time was also really good.

Texture ~ This is one of those thinner polishes but don't let that fool you. Two coats and your good to go as there is such great colour coverage.

Recommend it to a friend? Sure, who doesn't love a beautiful purple with a deeper and more complex looking shimmer hiding with in it?!

★★★★★/5 I really like this shade, I love the subtle magenta shimmer that's hiding in it, it's just waiting to surprise you in the sunlight! I also think that its a great polish to own if you have nothing similar in your collection – the price is reasonable and I think the finished result is really quite pretty. For those of you who like your deeper shades in fall, wouldn't this be cute without going for an entirely flat shade?

Do you own any of the Cocktail polishes? What do you think of this purple?

Have a beautiful day!


  1. Beautiful color! I'm such a sucker for purple <3
    I also had a nice weekend, I also haven't done any nail art, and done things in the house too! I'm redecorating the children bedrooms, but we had a major task moving the wardrobe out because it didn't pass trough the door! so in the end we spent half of the Sunday disassembling and reassembling the wardrobe LOL.

  2. This is a fantastic polish, love the shimmer of it very much! It looks great on you!
    Have a great day and week dear!

  3. This is a lovely polish! Sounds like you had a nice weekend :) We invited one of our new neighbors for dinner on Saturday, it's nice to get to know some people since we've just moved to a new city.

  4. I had a pretty bad weekend, I began with a new medicin wich gave me terrible side effects, but I'm feeling better today.
    Such a gorgeous purple, you know I loooove purple. <3

  5. Gorgeous colour! It's nice and deep but not black-looking either, and I love the shimmer!

  6. What a gorgeous colour! This is totally my type of polish. I love it and it looks so good on you!

  7. beautiful shimmery purple! i have so many polishes like this hehe :)


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