Simple Black & Nude With White Freehand Flowers

Allo polish Pals!
How are you today? I hope you are having a great day so far – tell me a random fact about your day? Things are still very up and down here but I got a good start to the day by going out walking. Sometimes fresh air and exercise really help to clear the mind, don't you think? I'm still wondering how I will ever make a manicure that lives up to the Pegasus nail's since it was  my favorite manicure I've done.

I have a more subdued manicure today, something subtle but still quite striking, I think. Sometimes I feel like more simple art after doing really big pieces of nail art :)

Only one polish was used for this manicure which is Catrice's 'Honey Blossom' from the Kaviar Gauche collection. The rest was freehand with black and white acrylic paint. I finished by added a few little dots and some pretty studs. I had these studs lying around but I know The Born Pretty Store has some very similar ones on their website.

It's pretty simple but a little more elegant and wearable than my more...'out there' designs.

What do you think of this simple manicure? Do you like pairing black and whites with nude bases?

Have a beautiful day!


  1. Random fact? My son is watching swatches with me today :D
    Great mani, it would be sweet, yet with the black lines it's sweet with an edge to it :)

    1. Ah thank you, A.notcopyacat! Oh that is so cute he joins in on the swatching action! Does he tell you which polishes to swatch? :D Yes I wanted something simple but not entirely too light at the same time! xx

  2. Gorgeous manicure! Simple, but quite elegant. I love it!

    A random fact about my day would be that I was walking through Berlin this morning on my own. My fiancée is at a conference here right now and took me with him and I have a few days to spend on my own. Guess what... I bought nail polish today! A lot of it. 😁

    xo, Pia

  3. Aww wow, this is a beautiful mani, so cute <3

  4. love how you outlined this whole design with black and the flowers look so detailed and lovely :)

  5. Oh my! I never thought I would like so much a nail art with nude polish! but I do, I find it quite poetical if you allow me. I love Catrice's nudes, I own very few nudes, and my top 3 are from Catrice! (the one I used on Monday for the decals and everybody seemed to prefer ;)
    And a random thing about my day: we got a new grill for our balcony and it will be delivered today, hehe, can't wait to cook our meals outdoor, because our old grill gave up at the very beginning of the summer and wasn't in our budget to replace it so we waited until the sales period to buy a new one :-/ Just hoping the weather keeps being this nice!
    Take care sweetie!

  6. wow, so neat manicure! even i am not a fun of nude colors, but i like this look, so so much

  7. When I saw this manicure I immediately thought: I will like to wear something like that. I like how the nude color looks with the black edge. The little white flowers make the nail art so cute and sweet! :3

  8. this is very beautiful, I love the rhinestones in the flowers :)


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