Birds At Sunset - Freehand Nail Fail Art

Allo polish Pals!
How are you today? I hope you've been doing great, it's been an odd start to the week for me. I've been feeling a little funny on and off... I am beginning its something to do with the painting they did in the house at the weekend. Some of us have been having weird headaches.  I have some nails that I am really really displeased with today.. I hate showing you things that I don't think are good enough, it really makes my brain go weird :( I created this last time I was in England, I loved the idea and I know its hardly original but I made such a sloppy mess of it. My lines aren't even straight, Argh! Just hate, hate, hatin'.

For this manicure I began by creating a gradient (If you can call it that..) using Barry M's 'Supersonic', One's #31 #37 and Dorothy L's #312. I then went straight in with black acrylic paint and created something that is not worthy of your eyes and time. I added a bit of glitter here and there, not sure why, because it doesn't look right.

I very almost didn't post this but normally when I hate something people seem to like it, strange how it works. I don't think this will be the case this time around. I'm having real trouble with my painting mojo; I spent most of today on and off building on a design that in the end pretty much came to nothing.

Have you had any nail disasters recently? Did you decide to post the finished result or not?

Have a great day!


  1. I like the strong colors and birds in this mani!!

  2. The gradient is wonderful and the whole mani is super pretty!

  3. I like it! My latest nail desaster was a broken nail :(

  4. Dear Ithi, I can totally relate to the feeling of hating a manicure and struggeling with posting it. I did one that liked nothing like I expected it to be. I have not posted it yet. The pics are still on the camera, but I guess I will... 😕
    Anyway I can Tell you that you are right about others loving this mani! I certainly do! I love the colours, the Lines and birds and also the glitter. Looks lite little Stars on the evening sky. Gorgeous all together! Don't be too critical with yourself!
    xo, Pia

  5. Well, I really know this feeling! I changed my camera recently because my old one broke and now I have the feeling with the new cam, my pictures turn out really ugly and I wouldn't rather post them at all :/

    But I really like your mani, I think the gradient is beautiful and the birds are so cute!

  6. this mani is adorable!color are super strong and bird are so cute ! i dont care you dont like , but i like :) it is fantastic work

  7. I love this one! It's awesome!
    But I do know the feeling, nail art I almost didn't post, but "had to" in the end, are the ones people end up liking the most... which is so weird. I guess it's all about taste.

  8. Wow how impressive!

  9. Don't be so hard on yourself, this is gorgeous!

  10. i really like it! The colors you used for the gradient are pretty and you did a great job on the birds.

    As for the power lines... yes they are not 100% straight/even but honestly the power lines where I live look like that. Each power line here is actually made up of a bunch of cables twisted or clipped together... so it is thicker/thinner in different parts of the power line. The lines also aren't stretched out between poles here... they are a bit loose so there is a slight dip in between poles... So honestly the "imperfections" makes it look more realistic to me :)

  11. Now I really have no idea why you hate this mani, it looks gorgeous <3


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