Bridal Nail Art - Is Less More? A Nail Art Discussion

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Allo polish Pals!
How are you doing today?  Yesterday was Mr Bravo's birthday and today is my Niece's 5th Birthday! Happy birthday guys! Today's post is going to be a little different. I'd like to discuss with you special occasion nail art! ~ There's still nail art pictures for those of you who live for visuals!

Bridal nail art
I'm really curious to know if this is something that has crossed your mind before. If you are already married, or been part of a bridal party did you do anything special with your nails? For nail art lovers, isn't it fun to think of pairing a beautiful manicure to the perfect wedding dress or bridesmaid dresses? A specially picked look that is unique and individual to a perfect day.

If like me, you are still waiting for that special question then have you dreamt of what would grace your nails on the big day? As soon as I saw Twinkle by Picture Polish I always thought it was the shade I wanted on my nails for my future wedding (look at the confidence in this day happening, ha!) I'm the kind of girl who loves more for nail art but after considering my tendency to have such strong nail art, maybe something more simple and elegant would suit me fine too. Of course, me being does mean there would be glitter!

As a bridesmaid for my sister's wedding on the beautiful Greek island of Santorini I wore the most beautiful flowy purple/blue bridesmaid dress. Looking back now, there could have been some really beautiful nail art to compliment that dress.
This is a look that I wouldn't mind for my wedding, it's got the touch of sparkle I love without being too full on. For this manicure I used two coats of Catrice's 'Bel-Air' and once dried added a limited amount of Essie's 'Set In Stone' to the entire nails. I created a ruffian border with silver acrylic paint and finished off with my Catrice top coat and a few lightly coloured circular and heart shaped studs to the center. I took these pictures with my phone camera, I love how there is a light sparkle to this manicure without being too glitterific.

We could talk about prom dresses and manicures, but when I was 15 I was going through my rebellious goth stage, so I probably had half bitten off black nails! Nice...

I've talked a lot in today's post, so I'll leave you with two lingering questions -
Have you considered bridal nail art, or even nail art for other formal occasions before or in the past?

And what do you think about bridal nail art – is less more or should we make a statement equally as big as the big day?

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  1. Very pretty and classy bridal nail art! I had a very simple french mani with a small white flower as accent nail, horrible made by a manicurist when I was a bride. Now, looking back, I would have painted a white lace accent nail combined with a cream and silver half moon nail art.
    I usually like to match my mani to a dresses or outfits! Have a great day!

  2. This kind of mani for Bridal I love the most!!!

  3. Every bride should wear what she is comfortable with. But for me I go with less is more. I often am not totally happy with a nail art design but a simple creme polish can look stunning! On my wedding day I wore red nail polish without nail art.

  4. This is really pretty and it's something I could see myself wearing at my wedding :) I love bold colours and patterns, but for some reason I like to tone it down a little on special occasions (prom, weddings etc.). But a glitter like this is a must!

  5. Beautiful manicure, so elegant!
    I have been an "unusual" bride (unusual for Italian traditions, of course) with my indigo dress, but my nails were very classic: I wore an iridescent white nail polish with a holographic topper.

  6. these are beautiful and perfect for a wedding!

  7. I think less is more for special occasions like a wedding... I would rather have the attention on my dress :) i really like the ruffians and glitter here to add interest without being too bling-y

  8. great look ! i would wear for some celebration ! really nice


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