Freehand Baby Dragon And Spirit Friends

Allo polish Pals!
How are you doing today? Hey, you there! Yes you, with the finely fancy finger arts! Tell me, do you love flakies? I am always looking for an excuse to use the couple I have! Most manicures I create don't call for flakies so I get excited when I think of an idea where it might actually look awesome. I've wanted to do dragon nail art since forever. I've so many ideas and inspiration pictures but for this manicure I opted for a less realistic looking dragon. I will try a higher detailed on in the future. I wanted this to be a super cute diddy baby dragon. Just because I can :)

So I began with two coats of Sally Hansen's 'Resurrection' and created a gradient on top using Model's Own 'Purple Grey', Barry M's 'Supersonic' and 'Resurrection' again for the tips. This was a seriously miserable looking gradient so on top of that I added Model's Own 'Pinky Brown' where 'Purple Grey' – This was all part of the plan, strangely. Once that was all dry I added Nubars '2010' for an extra deep and flakie look.

Everything else was done with acrylic paint and my darling bamboo brush. I still seriously can't believe this brush has done me so well and only cost $0.99

What do you think of my baby dragon and his little bunny/spirit friends? Do you like flakie polishes?

Have a great day,


  1. This baby dragon is a cutesy and I like the burning flakie background :)

  2. I love flakies and now I realize that I did not use it from quite a while! You made mood for it! Your nail art looks fantastic with this sparkly background! Again a wonderful and super original mani!

  3. Oh boy. Oooh boy. I want to adopt this baby dragon, it's soooo cute!
    And flakie polish - love it, flakies are always great.

  4. Like I said on Instagram already, this is such a cute manicure, my heart melted! The flakies look great too, I love flakie polishes :)

  5. Pretty little dragon! :3
    As always you have made a excellent job! :D

  6. the dragon is really cute and the flakie fits the mani well :) Sometimes I just throw a flakie over a creme they're really beautiful over pretty much anything!

  7. Your baby Dragon is super cute although at first sight I was thinking of an iguana... 😃🐉
    The bunnies are so sweet too! I love what you did with the flakies! I do not own such a gorgeous one...
    xo, Pia

  8. beautiful look! i like when you create some animal nail art ! ♥♥♥

  9. this is gorgeous and the flakies look perfect!


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