Freehand Floral Yin And Yang Nails

Allo polish Pals!
Alllright? We're here in England now, this weekend has involved travel, English fish and chips, battling the flu, playing with my Niece and Nephew, showing Mr Bravo my small town's annual carnival and so much more.

Did you know, sometimes when I get really stuck for ideas for nails I'll ask Mr Bravo what he thinks would look good, or what he'd like to see on my nails...

For quite some time he's been saying Yin and Yang nails and every time I kind just screwed my nose up and ended up doing something else – just because I didn't want to paint on a standard Yin and Yang design (although, it turns out that's exactly what I did) This time though I did managed to do the Yin and Yang and monochromed it up big time on all the other nails too! Also, you know how less can be more? Well its me, the Ithi so I want more more more, more glitter! 

“A starting definition: Yin / Yang : Two halves that together complete wholeness. “
Face Palm. Only while doing this manicure did I realise it was called YIN not 'Ying'... I've been saying 'ying' for the past however many years! Bahahah!
For this manicure I began with Barry M's 'White' on all my nails and once dry I added a coat of Barry M's 'Diamond glitter'. I then began to section off certain parts of my nails using black acrylic paint. I then added the flowers with acrylic paint (I mixed various shades of grey/white) and painted them on using my bamboo brush. Perhaps they would have looked neater if I had used a dotting tool. I then added the Yin and Yang design across two nails. I finished these all off with Catrice's top coat.

I had originally planned to do the flowers in the black part of the yin and yang but I didn't, for whatever reason :/ Do you think that would have looked better? I wish I had done that it didn't look so... blunt!

What do you think of my greyscale Yin and Yang design? Do you like greyscale designs with glitter?

Have a beautiful day!


  1. OMG, I love this so much. The idea is original and I like that you made it very feminine by adding the flowers and the glitter. Have a great day and week dear!

  2. White and the glitter makes a great background for this nail art.

  3. Such a cool idea from Mr Bravo and it turned out really beautiful. I love it.

  4. amazing Ithi! I love your ideas and perfection :D

  5. I love how you did it, it looks amazing!!

  6. Cute mani, I really like it :-D

  7. This is really beautiful! I like that it's greyscale, it looks very sophisticated I think :)

  8. Glittery and floral ying yang!! I like it :D

  9. I love the flowers! what a beautiful take on tin and yang :)

  10. I love it! Great execution of a wonderful Idea! Hope you're doing well.


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