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Allo polish Pals!

How are you doing today? Has it got much cooler where you are? I'm already finding myself putting on warmer tops, it might even be time for the fluffy socks to make a come back. Yesterday was a really weird day, Mr Bravo's Grandma went into hospital so we went to go see her there, if you don't know by now we visit her together every couple of weeks, I may not be able to talk fluently with her but I really adore her and we get on really well. I almost cried when I saw her :(  This year has been so hard so far. Still, I'm feeling positive that she will be able to go home soon and will be ok - Positivity is so important.

Today I have a polish to show, I know very little of this brand but I'll give some information below. This is a polish my mum picked up for me in Greece and a brand I had never tried before. This is #31 by 'One' – I even struggled to find solid information on this brand!

I searched high and low to find information about this brand, sadly it didn't amount to much.. On the bottle there is a Greek address however in smaller print it says 'Made In PRC' which I have learnt means 'People's Republic of China'. Beyond this I am lost because have you ever tried searching the words nail polish and 'one' in the same sentance? Yeeeah, you come up with everything. I tried looking for Greek polishes, Chinese cosmetics brands, searching for the brand name (Oh blah, don't make me cry!)

Read on for the review, pleeeases.
Colour ~ '#31' is a bright neon bubblegum pink, I am wearing two coats here which dries to a semi matte/vinyl finish. I decided to wear it as it is, normally I'll wear neon's over white but this was perfectly bright in just two coats.

Application ~ Application was pretty good, I had to take my time between coats as it was quite tacky in between them  I had no trouble with bubbling although it did appear a little streaky after the first coat, it did seem to self level quite nicely (As You'll see with my thumb nail.. that is not entirely the super smooth and happy finish I like - quite possibly my fault. I'm not scared to admit it) and dried to quite a flawless finish. Dry time was moderate.

Texture ~ Certainly what I would call a thick polish, that's why you need to take care not to rush your coats.

Recommend it to a friend? YES! I really like it! If you can find it and need a trusty neon pink to your collection then yes, yes, yes.

★★★★★/5 I'm thoroughly happy with this polish, I like that it is a perfect bright pop without having to wear a white polish underneath. I would also say this would make a great substitute for Model's Own's 'Bubblegum' and probably a fraction of the price if you can find it. This is probably the best neon pink I have owned.

What is your favorite brightest pink in your collection (doesn't have to be neon)? Do you own any 
mysterious polishes in your collection?

Have a beautiful day!


  1. I wish her a quick recovery
    never heard about the brand before. I love the color but not something I would wear :)
    I dont owe any pink polish right now. :)

  2. Wow have never heard of this brand but the polish looks great!! Love this bright pink!

  3. The color is great and makes me smile! I love trying new brands.
    I hope your new grandma gets well soon!

  4. I hope his grandmother gets well soon!

    Nice neon pink! It's great that you don't need white undies with it and it's still neon!

  5. What a gorgeous neon pink, I love it!

  6. wow, this color is stunning! i like it so much
    and , dear cross fingers for grandma ;)

  7. This pink is gorgeous, I love it! I don't have a favourite neon. It's not the best year when it comes to health of our family either.

  8. Oh my, I am so sorry about 'your' grandmother ( is there something like a Granny in Law?). I wish her all the best and a quick recovery.

    The polish is lovely. I like this colour on you! The brand however I don't know and have never heard about.

  9. very beautiful and summery nail polish- looks lovely on your nails Ithi :D
    Have a nice weekend :)

  10. What a gorgeous bright and bold pink :-D

    Finger crossed your man's granny will be okay *hugs*

  11. I love this gorgeous, hot pink!

    I am so sorry about your boyfriend's grandma :( Keeping her in my thoughts!


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