Autumnal Freehand Leaves

Allo polish Pals!
How are you today? Today I have a manicure which was created twice before I liked it enough to post it. My original version only had three colours in the gradient and was a typical gradient going down the nails vertically. This time, I made my leaves bigger with varying shapes, added another colour and went across the nails with my gradient!

Funny thing, I only did one hand as I was pushed for time. I had to pop to the pharmacy as my eye has swelled up again (gawd, this feels never ending..) the pharmacist would barely assist me because she was staring at my nails, she kept commenting on how beautiful it looked (too kind, but I'm really shy already) and then awkwardly looked at my other hand and said...”Ohh...only one hand is done.” really disappointedly!!

Its not uncommon for me to get one hand done before I do the other way later on, or if its really detailed..sometimes I just don't/I'm already preparing the next idea for my posts :P My family and friends are used to it but trying to explain why to strangers is a bit awkward – no they are not stickers, yes they are real nails, no I didn't pay someone to do them..yes really, tiny paintbrush..! This isn't even an overly detailed one!

I started by applying my favorite basecoat, OPI's Nail Envy and created a gradient using Jacava's 'Eaton Square' (red), Dorothy L's #312 (orange), Model's Own 'Gold Rush', and Jacava's 'Shawfield Street' (green - however this totally looks blue here, but look at the bottle?!). I then used my acrylic paints to create alternating coloured leaves across the nails.
Last years Autumn manicure.

I feel a bit awkward as I know other people have done leafy manicures but when I think of Autumn.. I feel a little block and I really wanted to do something better than my leaf manicure from last year. I do think its an improvement, I think I've become more confident with acrylics since that post.

If you create freehand nail art do you always do both hands? Do you prefer this manicure or my leaf nail from last year?

Have a great day!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, Fife! I try with the shading! :D xx

  2. Wow this is just pure ambition and Perfection!

  3. Wow Ithi this is soooo beautiful, I love the colours and the leaves...:-) I'm sooo bad at freehand painting, so if I do, I only do at my left hand.
    Have a great weekend. <3

  4. The mani is beautiful, great gradient and lovely leaves :) I have one hand better done too ;)

  5. Very Beautiful and perfect for autum season. Your freehand is amazing as always :D

  6. Haha I can relate to strangers' questions! I don't do much nailart though, but when I am late with pr samples reviews it happens that I have something different on each hand so I have a double review together ;)
    Anyway, I love this mani and my very favourite is your index fingernail!

  7. I am not surprised that the pharmacist loved these nails, they look special and wonderful! You never stop to amaze me when it comes to painting details! When I make a hard and detailed nail art, I never do it on both hands, so I totally get what you're saying! I am sorry about you eyes, I am sure it get's annoying! I wish you all the best and a great weekend dear!

  8. brilliant mani. Love the gradient and your Index finger is just killing. *_*

  9. Amazing mani Ithi! You are so talented!!
    And I totally relate to what happened to you. People keep asking me about my nails, and I NEVER wear the same color/art on both hands. I usually do two different designs to gain time with reviews, challenges,etc. and usually left hand is for detailed stuff and the right one for easier stamping, simple gradients etc. Once a lady even laughed at me .. but I'm not shy so my "look" at her make her stopped instantly.
    I hope your eye get better soon. Take good care.

  10. I like your version of leaves nail art!
    I usually do both hands at the same time so I always have both hands done.If I don't have enough time I just do an accent mani on both hands instead of decorating it all.

  11. so lovely! Too bad I suck at nail art

  12. These are so beautiful! I love the gradient, and the colors, and of course, that its fall theme :)

    Ohh I never wear the same thing on both hands. I only ever show my left hand on my blog, so it just seems like a waste of time to attempt to do anything on my right hand. I usually paint it a solid color that matches the art on my left hand.


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