Enchanting Nail Roll Foils C03 -Born Pretty Store Review

*This post contains an item(s) that was provided for reviewing purposes but as always this post will contain my full and honest opinion.

Allo polish Pals!
How are you, do you have any nice plans for the weekend? Tell me something exciting! I can tell you that.. today I'm geared up for an early morning of painting, then I'll be off to play with the kids and in the evening Mr Bravo and I will be out with my parents for a meal - nice!

I have some nail art foil to show you today, this is the first of two foils I have but I accidently forgot my nail foil glue.. so I'll review the others when I get back to Holland. Whoopsie-doodle. These beautiful foils came from the Born Pretty Store, These are 'Enchanting Nail Roll Foils' in C03.

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These beautiful foil rolls came with a gorgeous flower pattern containing pink, orange, blue and green flowers with a delicate holographic leafy trim. These little tubes contain approximately 100cm in length and are 4cm in width. That means you get so many uses out of these foils! They also come in so many beautiful patterns and designs - my favorite so far has been the butterfly foil I showed you previously. I've more information for you so lets read on!

Now, if you have any experience with holographic nail foils... You may have encountered a situation with applying top coat on top. I have found this a problem and have tried many different brands of top coat. After much foil-frustration (not specifically with these, but generally any holo foils) I read somewhere online that applying your foil glue on top on top of your foiled nails before adding a top coat will preserve the holo affect when you go to apply your top coat. I can say it seems to be true.

But – and this is the sad part... my camera has always hated holographic things, it barely seems to help going out in natural light so I am so sorry that what looks dull and silvery here isn't a solid representation of the holo within the foil.

After applying my Nail Envy base coat, I applied two coats of Jacava's 'Holbein Place'. I then fired up and episode of Modern Family and patiently waited for my nail glue to dry clear so I could begin adding the foil on top. I cut small pieces large enough to fit my nail and gently added it to the center of my nail with the pattern and holo facing up. I then gently used a cotton bud to smooth over the whole foil until it started to lift off. I finished by adding another coat of the nail glue and finally, once clear again I added my top coat. For a little extra I added a white acrylic border around my nails.

What do you think of the floral foil? How do you feel about foils – yay or nay?
Have a wonderful day!


  1. Foils are beautiful but that white border around it is making these mani very eye catchy. Well done. :-)

  2. I like frames, nice to see them here.

  3. very artistic design, almost like small floral pictures :)

  4. I like the floral design!
    I have never tried to apply the foil glue over the foil, but I should try. I heard that there are some top coats that can be applied over the foils without making them crackle like Tammy Taylor A coat, but I didn't try it yet.

  5. Nice mani, I do like them :-)


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