Freehand Elemental Fox Nail Art

Allo polish Pals!

How are you doing today? Did you have a fun weekend?

Some of you may of seen this nail art if you follow me on facebook, but I know some of you might like to see some freehandedness.
This manicure was actually created for a nail art contest over at Minnie's blog, NailBees. Minnie throws some really cool contests that have such fun and creative themes. The theme for this challenge was animal nail art. As you guys know, I've done quite a lot of animal nail art in the past but it is seriously one of my favourite things to paint so it made sense to join in! So I decided to do a fox, I hope he at least looks like a fox..

For this manicure I began with two coats of Catrice's 'C(h)ome, Leon' and Jacava's 'Shawfield Street'.I created everything else with my acrylic paints. I wanted it to look sort of earthy and fiery all at the same time. I think the colours are quite fitting for fall, huh? I finished it all off with a luscious lick of Catrice's gel effect top coat.

What do you think of my elemental looking fox? Have you worn any fall inspired manicures yet?

Have a great day!


  1. Wow...That do look like a Fox...You are amazing! I love the thumb so much! ^_^ Very well done! :-)

  2. I wish I was able to paint like you :)

  3. You are so talented! This looks amazing!!

  4. I love it and I voted for you. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you to win this contest. You're talented and you deserve it!

  5. amazing Ithi! I hope you will the winner :D

  6. Wow, that's amazing. I'm seriously impressed, that's so beautiful!

  7. Such a cutie, love his face ♥
    Amazing design!

  8. Wow! You really are so talented. Love that fox design. Great job!

  9. incredible look! fox nail art is amazing, well done dear
    love animal nail art so much

  10. Beautiful fox, it looks great <3


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