Killer Clowns - Freehand Halloween Nail Art & Short Story

It was a cold and blustering night as Ithfifi arrived outside the gloomy location...
It was a little odd maybe that she was the only one stood waiting outside the old abandoned balloon factory, at the door marked 'A'.  She'd expected there would be other girls here waiting to be let inside too, ah well. Perhaps she wasthe first to arrive.

Ithfifi had been jumping up and down with joy when the invitation came through the letter box. The invitation read:

Congratulations, you have been selected as one of 20 winners. We would love to see you at 01.00am at the old abandoned balloon factory (door A) on Saturday 31st of October where you will be able to select 50 brand new nail polishes of your choice. Mobiles and communication devices will not be permitted inside the building. COME . ALONE.”

The prospect of winning 50 new polishes had clouded Ithfifi's better judgement.

Now, as she stood here, swaying in the wind all alone she began to wonder if this really was such a good idea after all. Suddenly the door marked 'A' creaked open slightly. “Hello, is anyone there?” she called out hesitantly. “I'm here because of the invitation... for the nail polish. Is anyone else here?” A light switched on inside and she peered through the open door...

The room was bathed in an eery white light. It was a single massive room, it looked as though some of the machinery was still inside but it was hard to tell because the room was covered in hundreds and hundreds of colourful balloons. Without a warning the balloons started to move and sway as if someone were running through them, occasionally a few balloons popped revealing the shadowed shape of figures running towards her.
She caught a glimpse of a face, huge wide eyes and great gnashing, razor sharp teeth, a head full of every colour of hair.

Suddenly the light went off and all she could hear was multiple strange laughs and howls echoing off the walls of the room and the excruciating sound of rubbery balloons on skin. 
Base colours: Barry M 'Black' and Essie's 'Cashmere Bathrobe'. Details done with acrylic paint and Barry M Matte top coat.
Some say she became one of them... Others say she simply vanished on that night, as if she had floated away from this life.

I hope you like this post - I'm always a little nervous when I 'write' stuff, this was.. less than I had hoped for!.. I'm behind on my commenting but I'm coming, I miss visiting everyone's blogs as often.

I hope to all of you who may be celebrating tonight that you have a great time and stay safe! But everyone, just have a really lovely weekend :)



  1. OMG! You are truly outstanding! I so so so love your freehand work. You are genius and an amazing story teller tooo... :-) <3 A very happy weekend to you too. :-)

  2. And the awesomeness continues!! This is fantastic!!

  3. What a story! 50 nail polishes, no wonder she went for them ;) Scary clown, great job!

  4. Wow Very creative. I love the clown. so detailed and clean. Brilliant job. And story was scary :D you should write very often <3

  5. wow wow,m incredible mani ! with all those details ! i love it

  6. i can't believe my eyes, that clown is... at first glance the hair on my back lifted, what a horror <3
    the story is great too, great job :D

  7. Great mani for Halloween! The clown looks so creepy!

  8. Waayyyy too scary haha - amazing!


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