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Allo polish Pals!
How are you doing today? Are you ready for the weekend? It looks like a busy one for me with little painting time but I'm excited to spend time with my family. Today I have a really interesting glitter to show you from The Born Pretty Store. It's not what I'd call a typical glitter, you'll see what I mean. This is 'Mixed Color Shiny/Matte Glitter Powder Nail Art Decoration' in colours 1311.

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Thumb with top coat - What do you prefer? With or without topcoat?
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This glitter is so different from what I had expected, not in a bad way but it is very interesting to look at. I had expected solid pieces of shiny coloured glitter, ya know, traditional glitter but the outcome was very different. The powder pot size is approximately 10ml and is filled generously with the powder.

When I first saw this glitter I noticed it incredibly small and feels grainy like sand. It actually looks like grains of sugar as they do catch the light very nicely. I was really in love with the combination of colours going through this powder, pinks, yellows, blues. It almost makes me think of pretty cake toppers or birthday parties!

To apply this glitter I began with my usual Nail Envy base coat and applied two coats of Nail's Inc's 'Colville Mews'. Once this was dry I applied my favourite Catrice top coat and carefully placed my tacky nail into the little tub of glitter. I also used a little plate and poured/dabbed the glitter on in any spots I may have missed. The texture looks quite unusual, as I mentioned before it looks almost like sugar. It's somewhere between flocking powder and sand texture by appearance.

It can be quite messy to wear, of course the best way to keep the glitter powder in place is with a top coat (I only have one top coat on my va-caycay with me so I only tested it on my thumb in fear or ending up with a powdery top coat)

I think it is...interesting! I love the colours but in terms of practicality, well.. That would be up to you guys. I think it could be fun for very fun events but not ideal for a typical manicure, this could actually look really sweet if it was done in sectioned placements, don't you think?

What do you think of this sugary looking glitter powder? Do you prefer it with or without the top coat?

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  1. Its looks like textured polish :D I love it without the topcoat :)

  2. It looks like sand on your nails. I like the effect of this polish on it's own without the top coat! I can imagine a few nail art done with this one! Have a great day and weekend!

  3. I wonder how it would look like mixed with a colourful polish. Like Kiko's Cupcakes? Anyways, I like it matte.

  4. Haha now I want to touch it! I like this look :)
    I prefer the version without topcoat.

  5. I really like the version with top coat, it looks so special and cool with the different colours!

  6. this is really interesting. I love the colors a lot and it reminds me a lot of a textured polish. Too bad it's hard to use :(

  7. what a nice glitters, nice mani

  8. This is a very interesting glitter, it really looks like grains of sugar :D


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