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Allo polish Pals!
How are you today? Today Mr Bravo and I are flying back to Holland from England, our last visit before we return for Christmas. I'm feeling good about going back home (despite the demonic cold I seem to have picked up - where are you, immune system?!) I'm some positive lifestyle changes and feeling good for them. Positivity and inspiring is flowing, I hope you are feeling the same! I have some more water decals to share with you today from the Born Pretty Store, these are really pretty but quite subtle, they are 'Blooming flower full nail water decals' in 004. Lets have a look-see, shall we? Oh yeah, don't forget to enter my giveaway, scroll down or click the banner on the right if your feeling all Sunday-lazies.
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These water decals come in a really light and subtle design, a beautiful and arty pop of pattern without throwing too many bold colours or patterns at you. Perfect, I think, for those who want to wear decals but really don't like bright or solid looking patterns. On my first application I made the mistake of trying to put these decals on top of a light nude polish which didn't really pan out well because the decals are quite sheer, no actually more like flat out transparent – they certainly worked much better on white. Silly me. I've got some more to tell you so do read on, my dear!

They require the average 'dunk and wear' application process although the back of my decals stated that they were stickers and all I merely had to do was stick and peel – but you can't fool me, I'm no noob at the decal derby! I knew from how they felt and that sort of...water decal smell. I don't always sniff my decals, honest..but I recognized it. Really.. I don't sniff all my decals.... :) Oh, the fact they didn't peel off like stickers was probably a massive indication they were not stickers too! I think it was just a mix up with packaging but that really doesn't phase me. Its still exactly what it was supposed to be.

I really love these, I had no problems as such with them but I do recommend you wear them on top of a very light polish, they could also be cute with off white polishes too. Perhaps something more fitting for spring/summer but looking at the decals, who says so? There are beautiful cooler shades within these decals which could quite easily work well with winter-ish themed nail art.

Do you prefer subtle water decals or ones with jazzier patterns and colours? Do you like this subtle pattern?

Have a great day!


  1. So pretty! Like a grandma's couch.

  2. Very pretty decal pattern! Delicate, girly and in the same time pretty!

  3. A romantic and beautiful pattern! Lovely decals :)

  4. Love these decals! I agree they are softer looking for someone who doesn't want bright colours

  5. You are always so good at using decals! Yeah, I had a little laugh when you said you aren't new to them!

  6. These are beautiful, and I am so glad that you are feeling the positive vibes :)

  7. Very nice decals, they look great :)


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