The Sinister Sisters - Freehand Halloween Nail Art

 Allo polish Pals!
How are you doing today? If you celebrate Halloween are your plans coming together? n
I've never really celebrated it.. My English family were not into it and growing up our surrounding houses were lived in by older people. My Dutch family aren't really into it either and the surrounding neighbourhood doesn't seem big on trick or treating either... ah well. I do quite enjoy seeing all the awesome decorations online, there are some amazing displays!

On Saturday night me and Mr Bravo will watch some horror films - roll in your recommendations pleasee!
Toda y's post...was located from a dark corner in the back of my mind, I suppose... I didn't really use an inspiration picture (perhaps that's the disturbing part, that I came up with this??) and I did less planning on where to put things then I normally do. Somehow it worked out alright and pretty creepy, I think!

I'mma go ahead and call my thumb hag Shelly and my other hag Hargle,  just because I can... I'd imagine Shelly would be quite jealous that Hargle has a nose, but we can't all be so lucky. I guess. Maybe Shelly has 8 toes and Hargle has 3.. Who knows..that rhymes with nose... Oh god, Sorry Shelly :/  Shelly looks like she is pretty good at instagram though .. #selfie

I only used one polish for this manicure which was Essie's 'For The Twill Of It'. I created my evil looking hags from acrylic paint and seal with my Catrice top coat. One dry I also tested out how this looked matte by using Barry M's Matte top coat.

What do you think of my 'Sinister Sisters'? Do you prefer it with shine or matte finish?

Have a great time, stay safe if you are celebrating!


  1. It's extraordinarily outstanding mani....And that smoke....It's just soooowwww perfect! *_* .' Shelly looks like she is pretty good at instagram though"....ROFL ....That was hilarious....Very well done. :-)

  2. WOW this is absolutely amazing - well painted!!

  3. What kind of nail sorcery is this?! I am completely blown away, this is amazing sweetie :D

  4. I think this is the most fantastic Halloween nail art I have seen until now! Super creative and the details are scary and FABULOUS! You did a fantastic job. As about Halloween, we celebrate it a little bit different here in Transylvania. It is a peaceful and silent celebration of the lost ones. We are going to the graves of the lost ones from our family and put candles and remember them this way. But some people celebrate it exactly like the Americans, mostly in clubs :)

  5. I thought this is nail sticker or something... But freehand?! You are amazing!!!

  6. I LOVE THIS!!!!!
    holy crap you are SO AMAZING!!!
    It looks amazing with matte and with shine... AAAAH ITS SO AMAZING!!!!!
    Here in Finland we do not really celebrate Halloween... well some go trick or treating but it is not that very common. If anyone celebrates it it is among friends and then we dress up and have parties or go out clubbing :)
    The thing most do is to go to the graveyard and light candles and remember our lost loved ones :)
    Hmm.. recommendations for horror movies...
    * Mama
    * The Conjuring
    * Annabelle
    * The Ring
    * The Grudge
    * Paranormal Activity
    I am SO SCARED when it comes to horror movies that have paranormal things in them.. ghosts etc etc
    AAAAH I get so scared :D

  7. Wow these are amazing! So much detail and amazing artwork!!

  8. Amazing job as always Ithi, this is gorgeous and creepy and awesome :D

  9. You surprised me once again!! *__*
    Just marvelous!!


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