Freehand Lavender Fields

Allo polish Pals,

How are you doing today? I hope your week is going swimmingly so far?
My artist block is still driving me crazy, I'm still not really creating anything worthy of showing you guys - your eyes are diamonds.. I must make something of equal value and effort for your eyes to feast upon! Yeah... ok, that was a bit too dramatic, even for me.. You know what I mean though, I just wanna surprise you guys with what I put out. 

Do you remember that countryside manicure I did a while ago? I enjoyed painting it so much that I wanted to do something along the same lines. This time I have Lavender fields - I'm so dealing with season changes! I created this while I was in England ~ Yeah, back in September! I had a very limited amount of polishes on me. You can see the inspiration behind this nail art right here.

For this manicure I began with NYC's 'Staten Island Blues' for my sky – the only near appropriate shade of blue I had on me. I tried to lighten it up slightly with acrylic paint. Everything else was created freehand with my acrylic paints and bamboo brush!

I also played with a matte top coat from Barry M. Why? Because I can and I have polishing options like that! 

What do you think of my lavender fields? Where do you think this location could be?

Have a spiffy day!


  1. It's cute and makes me want to pay a visit to the countryside. I like your paintings a lot, they are so fairytale-ish :)

  2. These are amazing!! I have been obsessed with lavender lately too! I have a lavender filled pillow, lavender mud mask, and lavender lotion!

  3. I love the country scenery that you painted, really well done!

  4. fantastic nail art, almost like some country view- I love it!

  5. oh my your nail arts are getting more beautiful each time :) I loveee this one!

  6. Great mani. You are such an artist :-D

  7. so beautiful! <3 <3 <3


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