Ithi's First Blobbicure!

Allo polish Pals!
Is everything going well with you? A lot of you said you were feeling slow and tired with Autumn too, just under the weather. Are you starting to feel more alive? I'm changing a whole bunch of things starting Monday - I think this is also now week 8 of not smoking! Its great.. I'm proud.. but I've always been fiery and well..x that by a million :')

Oh yes, too much rambling on as usual, opps! Today I have my first ever blobbicure to share with you! I created this at the beginning of September, before our trip to England. So I've had this around too long...
For this manicure I began with a single coat of Barry M's 'Coconut'. On applying my second layer and while still wet, I quickly added a few dots of Italian polish Lady Venezia in #018 and Jacava's 'Chillax' in the center of my first blobs. I picked up the 'candy coloured' studs myself a while ago from The Born Pretty Store, can you ever have enough studs?

I think its ok-ish? I did try some needle dragging before creating this and that really was not a huge success! Oh well, I'll try again another day.

Have you created a blobbicure before? What do you think of this colour combination?

Have a fabulous weekend, on Monday I am bring something super cute (I hope) and freehand!


  1. wow, amazing effect Ithi, I love this technique :)

  2. I haven't tried, but I love how yours came out! :)

  3. The two colored dots look so cute! :D

  4. I love blobbicures and yours is so pretty :D

  5. First of all congrats for quitting smoking! Keep up the good work!
    I love your blobbicure, I've tried a few before but failed them both times, the bubbles did melt together :(

  6. A big congratulations for quitting smoking! You did a great great great job! ^_^. And I just can't believe that it's your first blobbicure. It turns out so clean and so pretty. You nailed it. Very well done. :-)

  7. What a striking look! I have wanted to try this technique but I'm afraid it will look like a mess. Your's came out great! And congrats on not smoking, I know you can keep going! :)

  8. I like the way this came out! I love the colours! I can't do needle drag either I always end up with bald areas :(


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