Lady Venezia: #41 Swatch & Review ★★★★/5

Allo polish Pals!
How are you doing today? I like days like today! I did a whoooole bunch of housework yesterday so today I can dedicate time to a good proper sit down with some freehand nail art - I wonder what it will be?! Today I have a polish to show you which is from a brand that was entirely new to me – This little beauty came back with my parents when they had their holiday in Greece but it is actually an Italian brand. This is #41 (that's about all the information I can find on this polish) from Lady Venezia.

Colour ~ This polish is a beautiful medium mossy green with a strong silver shimmer through out.

Application ~ I had absolutely no problems with application, I found that I needed at least three coats to get full opacity but its pretty fast drying so it wasn't a problem at all. I didn't encounter any streaking or bubbling issues which was great.

Texture ~ This polish is certainly on the thinner side, its not too watery to be a problem but it does allow for a good build up to get the colour as strong as you'd like it.

Recommend it to a friend? Oh yes! I think the mossy colour with the silver shimmer is quite unique, I know that before this polish came along I didn't have anything of that nature!

★★★★★/5 Five stars?! I think she deserves it, actually. Lets say because of the fast dry time, unique shimmer and colour pairing and the finish I think that it is actually quite a sweet polish. Greens are not my most favorite colour for nails but I feel like this one has something a little special to it.

What do you think of this shimmer polish? Do you own any mossy greens?
Have a wonderful weekend, see you on Monday!


  1. Its s gorgeous shade of green :D

  2. What a gorgeous green is that! :-)

  3. amazing shade ! yes i heard about this brand from Italy ;D

  4. fantastic shade could be good for Christmas nail art ;)

  5. Yeah, I like mossy greens! I have 2 Lady Venezias got in a swap. Their quality is very good.

  6. I think this is perfect for Christmas!

  7. It looks like a really pretty green!

  8. I love polishes packed with shimmer like this one! xx


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