NYC: Tribeca Style Swatch & Review ★★★★★5

Allo polish Pals!
How are you today? Did you have a great Halloweenie weekend? Tell me, what did you get up to? Saturday we did have our Halloween movie night, We watched three movies (normally I can't even sit still for one so I did good!) We watched 'The Vatican tapes',   'Insidious 3' and 'Woman In Black - Angel of Death'.  I think I liked the last two best.

It seems like forever since we had a swatch together!  Today I have another polish that Mr Bravo picked up for me recently (He had a mini NYC knowing I had very little of these polishes) This is 'Tribeca Style' a gel effect nail polish from NYC.

Colour ~ 'Tribeca Style' is a stunning brilliant dark red shade. I always love to say more about colours but I'm not sure what else I can add to this... I'm wearing two coats here and no top coat but you'll notice how incredibly glossy this polish looks already.

Application ~ Application was actually really good, I had no issues with bubbling or streaking, it had a pretty decent dry time. The only thing I would say about this polish is beware of staining – but that's not exactly saying anything bad as we all know how red polishes can behave.

Texture ~ I would describe the consistency of this polish as similar to that of a jelly polish. It is somewhere between thin to medium in terms of consistency.

Recommend it to a friend? Get it if you need a shade like this but you may already have a few similar in your collection.

★★★★★5 I do really like 'Tribeca Style' – it probably is one of my favourite polishes in my red collection but it isn't very unique – but can you beat a good classic red? Because there are no issues with dry time, application and the texture was pleasing I am awarding it five stars. Like most classics, you can't fault something where there is no fault! 

What do you think of this red polish? Have you had good experiences with NYC polishes? 
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  1. I agree with Maria! It's truly a gorgeous red! <3

  2. Everybody needs at least.. 5 classical reds, this is gorgeous! :)

  3. I did not know the movies you mentioned. As I mentioned in my previews comment, we celebrated Halloween by going to the graves of our lost ones and lightened a few candles. Beside that we cared a pumpkin :) The polish looks great on your nails, the finish of it is fantastic!

  4. You can never have enough reds. And I love this red! It looks flawless. Last weekend I had to tidy up and also knitted on some socks... Rather boring but cozy.

  5. gorgeous, beautiful sexy shade of red :)
    My Halloween night was quite quiet :)


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