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Allo polish Pals,
How are you doing today? I have one last autumnal manicure to share with you. I hadn't actually planned to do two leafy autumn manicures but then I saw this picture and I just wanted to try and create it on my nails so badly! So I did! Well, I tried at least! I find Pinterest such a great place to look for inspiration.

For this manicure I began with three coats of Lady Venezia's #41. I added Catrice's fast drying gel effect top coat and began painting with my acrylic paint and bamboo brush. This manicure took quite a long time but I really loved painting it. I've had quite a few nail disasters lately but I felt like I did alright here.

What do you think about this leafy manicure? Do you prefer the glossy or matte version?
Have a beautiful day,


  1. wow, nails like a fairy tale
    so cute !

  2. wow, looks like a picture from kid's book, amazing!, full of details!- I love it dear Ithi :D

  3. You're so talented! What a lovely autumn manicure :)

  4. You always find amazing inspiration images! This is fantastic and I like them both ways, maybe a little bit better matte!

  5. you've got such an unique style, Iove looking at your manicures, they are all so amazing ;)

  6. Haha it feels so weird to see an Italian brand on a foreign blog! Did you like the Lady Venezia?


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