Water Colour Elephants

Allo polish Pals!
How are you today?I'm gearing up for some big changes here on the blog! Make under!

This manicure was made the last time I was back home in England visiting family - look how long my posts get delayed for various reasons, haha!

Today's nail art is something I've had floating in my head for a while in various forms. I didn't quite know how I wanted it to be...but it had to have rainbows. Hi Autumn, I'm wearing Summer! Anyway, these nails are seriously simple. I do think though...it looks like the elephants are making a journey to find water, so is it cruel I used the water colour technique?

For this manicure I used Barry M's White and created a water colour effect using acrylic paint. I really enjoy doing this kind of nail art, its messy but fun! Next I created some very simple elephant shapes (I was in no mood for some real serious detail but I also thought it would fit the manicure better) Next I sealed it all together with Catrice's gel effect top coat.

What do you think of my rainbow elephants? Have you done a water colour manicure before?

Have a great day!


  1. lovely design, I love playing with this method :)

  2. Wow...it's so fresh to see a summer mani in autumn.. ;-) And it's so cheerful. Love it.

  3. This is super pretty Ithi! You're so creative, I don't understand how you come up with all these designs!

  4. The watercolour background is gorgeous. And the elephants are so cute!! I love how you painted them, I think it really fits that they're not super detailed, it makes them more cuter :)

  5. Gorgeous mani and lovely elephants :-D

  6. Lovely elephants!! :D Even if they were drawn very simple they are still adorable!!!

  7. amazing, the little elephants look so cute and lovely :)

  8. I love the watercolour base! And I agree the simple elephants match better than something more detailed :)

  9. This is so adorable and I love that gorgeous water color!


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