Flower And Vine Nail Art Foil - Born Pretty Store Review

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Allo polish Pals!
How are you doing today? How is your week going? I know there isn't much Christmas nail art around here yet but there will be some, don't worry! I'm actually feeling sooo Christmasy and festive already – this is so unlike me! The feeling doesn't come from whats around me but watching English Youtubers and seeing commercials.

Today I have a gorgeous 'Flower And Vines Nail Foil' on review which came from the Born Pretty Store. I've even included a little video of how metallic this foil is - You may want to turn your sound down slightly if you click it. There's a surprise! 
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This foil comes in a beautiful metallic and black pattern featuring what looks like swirls, leaves and flowers. It has a very classic and sophisticated look. It is stated to be a holographic foil but I'm not seeing too much holo going on (in comparison to others I have used previously) But I don't fweakin' care because look at how metallic it is!!

It comes in a handy little bottle with a screw lid and is approximately 100cm long and 4cm in width, giving you more than enough to play with!

This foil is maybe one of the slightly trickier ones I have ever used since it is so so flaky, You will need to be careful not to scrape off the foil before using it to avoid any patchy parts. If your careful it will look beautiful. I do however know some people like to dab their foils on – this could still be a great option with this foil but you will lose some pattern.

Application: I started this manicure by applying my favorite base coat of OPI's 'Nail Envy' and cut my foil into strips wide enough to cover each nail. I then went on with two coats of Barry M's Black and once dry added one moderate coat of nail foil glue – which can also be found at the Born Pretty Store. Once my glue had become completely transparent I carefully used my tweezers to lay the foil onto my nail without actually flattening it. (lightly placed it on)

Next I took a Q-tip and began smoothing straight down the center from cuticle to tip and then from each side downwards. I promise to film this when I have a friendly camera. Mine's a douche. Once the foil had began to peel off and loosen around the edge of the foil I effortlessly peeled it off. My final step – to seal all the beauty in was to apply one more layer of glue (to prevent my top coat from shrinking the foil or destroying it) and once transparent added my Barry M Plumpy top coat.

I think this is absolutely gorgeous, I could wear this often! I am so impressed with all the nail foils I have tried from The Born Pretty Store so far but this one has to be my absolute favorite!

What do you think of this nail foil? Do you like such metallic looking nails?
Have a great day!


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