Happy New Years Eve From Ithinity Beauty!

Allo polish Pals!

Happy New Years Eve to you all! Do you have anything exciting plans to see in the new year?

I'd like to say thank you to those who have visited or commented on my blog in the past year, all the kind comments and support makes blogging such a treasured thing in my life. You really are a great bunch! I look forward to the next year of blogging, visiting your blogs and making new friends!
I wish that this year brings you all the things you truly wish for, that you and your families have a very happy and healthy year ahead. I am sending so much love to you all :)

This past year wasn't an especially great one for me. I found it really hard at times but I did find being here a great way to keep myself motivated and to keep my head above the water. I'm also glad with my painting improvements from the past year, there are certain manicures I was sure I just couldn't do and surprised myself with the outcome.

I can't say I have much in the way of resolutions this year. This time last year I vowed that by this New Years I'd have quit smoking. And I have.  I don't even crave or think about smoking now.  If you're thinking of quitting you'll be surprised by how much time you gain when you quit. That's one of the biggest things I noticed. This year I'll work on getting those extra pounds off so I can go back to my confident old self.  I'll also do my best to be a calmer person because I am such a worrier. Are you committing to any changes for the new year?

For my New Years manicure, I decided to go a little more subdued and grown up than last years attempt which was a glitter-bomb mess.

Have a fabulous time celebrating. If you have any traditions do let me know, I am always interested to find out how people do things!

Most importantly - stay safe and have fun and I'll see you in the new year!


  1. No I don't have any resolution.I never had one. I don't follow them so why make it lol :D Happy New year to you and your family :)Another awesome manicure ;)

  2. It's very beautiful. Happy New Year! <3

  3. Happy New Year!! SO proud to hear that you quit smoking, I love your nails so much, really amazing!

  4. It's really great to hear you quit smoking! It's really hard especially those cravings... Glad you don't have them anymore!

    I really like the subtle background print in this mani :) happy new year ithfifi! I'm a huge worrier too so I need to work on that

  5. These are so pretty, I love the swirls on your thumb especially! Congrats on beating the smoking!! Best wishes for 2016 :)

  6. Gorgeous mani :) Happy New Year Ithfifi! And congrats on quitting smoking, that's huge :D

  7. Happy new year Ithi! I wish you all the best for 2016. Congrats on quitting smoking, well done! I don't have any resolutions, other than that I should do my best to make 2016 an awesome year :)


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