Orly: Terra Mauve Swatch & review ★★★★★/5

Allo polish Pals!

How are you doing today? Can you believe its officially December?! Crazy, where has this year gone? I find it a little concerning but I'm actually feeling festive which is so unlike me. Only 12 days before I fly home for my birthday and Christmas! Ooohhweee!

Today I have a swatch and review of Terra Mauve from Orly for ya... I'm so busy crazy creating all sorts of posts for the rest of this month!

Colour ~ Terra Mauve is a beautiful dusty looking warm berry shade (Am I making any sense?)
It sits perfectly between red and pink. I don't think this is a shade for everyone, perhaps... but I rather like it! I am wearing just two coats in these pictures. I think its a beauty for fall but also could be so cute paired with many different types of nail art!

Application ~ Dreamy! It is wonderfully creamy to apply and I had beautiful glossy nails within two thin coats. I had no trouble with bubbling or streaking and it almost seems like one of those self levelling little angels we love! Decent dry time.

Texture ~ I would certainly say this is a crème, it applies very smoothly and has a beautiful flawless and glossy finish even before adding a top coat.

Recommend it to a friend? Completely if she is a fan of dusky shades such as this.

★★★★★/5 Five stars?! This is one of those polishes that I feel has really earned its stars. There are no bad words to say about this polish only that it may not to be everyone's taste but that's entirely personal. As for the formula, dry time and finished look I'm positively thrilled.

Would you wear a shade like Terra Mauve? How would you pair this shade?

Have a lovely day,


  1. Wow...it looks super gorgeous on you. ^_^

  2. I'd choose something light and metallic for this one :)

    1. Oohh yes I think you are right, A.notcopyacat! Something nice to bounce off and contrast against it :D xx

  3. I like this dusty shade and the finish is lovely too!

  4. Beautiful polish, perfect for December. Have fun at home for your birthday and the holidays!

  5. I love dusty berry shades like this! Yeah the year went by so fast! Hope you're having a good time at home! Happy birthday and happy holidays! :)


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