Snuggly Snowy Birds

Allo polish Pals!
How are you doing today? I hope you're doing great! On Saturday l Mr Bravo and I fly back to England to celebrate my birthday (Although I don't really do much to celebrate) and Christmas with my family. Yiiippppieee, I can't wait!I'm so sorry I've been so bad at commenting and visiting your blogs - I miss it a lot. I've just been rubbish this past week. Exhausted... emotional.. I know in England I'll actually be better at taking time for it as I can do it here and there through out the day with a cup of tea!

Is it getting colder where you are? Well I have some freehand birds to share with you today, these little guys are keeping warm and sharing a scarf!

I'd like to take a second to mention that the middle bird has snow on his head. Not a turd. Just in case...
I wanted to give this manicure a more frosted look by using the cellophane method with Barry M's 'Silver Foil'. It didn't really look the way I planned and once I added my matte top coat it kinda just looked a little mucky...

Anyway...! I began this manicure with my favorite top coat, OPI's 'Nail Envy' and once dry applied two coats of Barry M's 'Rose Hip'. Next I used Barry M's 'Silver Foil' and sandwich bag to dab on bits of silver here and there. I created my birds and branches with my acrylic paints and bamboo brush, added dollops of snow (if you can see them..) and finished by adding two little studs and my Barry M matte top coat.

I kind of regret my base colour – as much as I love it – perhaps I needed something a little stronger for my birds to stand out more...

What do you think of my snuggley snow birds? Hows the weather where you are?
Have a lovely day, stay safe, stay snug!


  1. Awww these are so sweet, love their little faces =]

  2. Great great great :))) And the flower too :)

  3. First of all happy belated birthday! As about the mani, I think this is the cutest and most adorable birds I have ever seen. You made them look perfect!

  4. gorgeous design dear Ithi and Happy Birthday :) Hope you will have a fantastic time in England :)

  5. What a great mani is this just so cute :-D

  6. Oh My these are so cute :D and happy belated Birthday :D xx


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