Barry M: Berry Cosmo ★★★★/5

Allo polish Pals,
How are you doing today, I hope your day is going well so far.  We've not done a swatch here for quite some time - or at least it feels like it. Here's a pretty little number I received as a gift from my mum (Or Skeebab as I call her - That started when I was about 14 and it just stuck..) How about something deep and sophisticated?

Today I have Barry M's 'Berry Cosmo' up for review. Lets take a look!

Colour ~ 'Berry Cosmo' is a very deep and luscious berry/grape shade. Its comparable to Catrice's 'First Class Up Grape' without the slight shimmer running through it. I feel like this polish paints darker then it appears in the bottle but its still a great shade on the nails.

Application ~ I was in super speed swatch mode when I applied this which meant the two coats I did apply were done very fast and with minimal dry time, I'm really pleased to say that this did not provide me with any problems. There was no bubbling, it self leveled and surprisingly dried incredibly fast (good considering it was still wet as I applied my second coat!) It also dries to an amazing high shine finish. Hi-shine Gelly polishes? The regular Barry M's have never let me down either!

Texture ~ On the thinner side but completely build-able. Very flawless and glossy finish.

Recommend it to a friend? Yes if she has nothing like this – Guesses are most people have one similar shade to this in their collection though?

★★★★/5 There's nothing much to dislike about this polish. I guess for those who feel it is lacking something then Catrice's 'First Class Up Grape' offers a little more bedazzle but I think this is a really cute and sophisticated shade for the cooler seasons. Why am I missing a star? I guess I'm a little disappointed that it isn't the slightest bit lighter.. but its still undeniably gorgeous.

Would you wear this shade? Do you own many berry shades?

Have a fantastic day!


  1. Oh my! This is a pretty one indeed. I love the color and I think its find with me. Love the finish too. A must try!

  2. I like berry shades. I have to like this one a lot :D

  3. Love this kind of mysterious shades! I have today a similar one on my nails, just it is a thermal one!

  4. Gorgeous colour! And it looks really glossy and nice :)

  5. very beautiful rich colour, looks very nice on your long nails dear Ithi :)

  6. It's a pretty berry color! Ya I prefer slightly lighter colors too but this is still light enough that it doesn't look black from far away :)

  7. This colour looks so sexy and sophisticated on you! I think it's right the perfect shade, too!


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