Dressed Up Nails (3 Manicures In 1 Post!)

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Allo polish Pals!

Happy New Years! Welcome to the first post of 2016! Great to see you here! Did you have a great time celebrating? I didn't tell you this I got a new camera for Christmas! These will be the first pictures you'll see with me using it so I'd love your feedback, I think they mostly look better but I'm still making friends with the camera.  

Also I have teabag protection on a rip on my index finger so please excuse any awkward looking lumps and bumps! ;)

Today's post has not one but three manicures – Triple whammy! All inspired by beautiful and interesting wedding dresses, bridesmaid dressed and even prom dresses. There are five dresses I've picked out in all from Rosa Novias extensive collection, three of which I have paired with nail art, the other two are open for discussion -What nails would you wear with the last two dresses? This is a hefty post so lets continue.

Click pictures to enlarge.
For this dress I decided to go a little darker with a bit of glitz to add some glamour. I wanted to create something that looked a little like rose petals to mimic the detailing on the dress but it didn't look how I expected.. I do think the effect is quite interesting though. This is Barry M's Black with Studio London's nameless silver glitter and freehand ruffles. I've also created a matching bold and subtle look - come see!

Its an hour before your wedding is due to take place. You look everywhere but the dress you painstakingly picked out is no where to be seen. There are however two very modern looking wedding dresses hung up in front of you. Which wedding dress do you take? Left or right? How are you going to wear your nails with the dress you picked?

Dress picked and crisis adverted lets get back to some dress-nail matching!
For this simple yet elegant dress I decided to tone down the nails. I started with two coats of Rimmel's 'Rain Rain Go away' and added thin black lines (I'm still in England and without any tape or stripers so those are my...'straight' freehand lines) added a few studs and a cute little freehand bow.

I wouldn't be me if there wasn't something insanely bright going on. I picked this final dress to recreate/match because... While its not something I could ever see myself wearing for personal reasons it is really bright and I love the colours, I knew I wanted to see something like it on my nails!
I wore Rimmel's 'Neon-Fest' and created sections and gradients with acrylic paint. I finished off with a few (LOL!) studs here and there and some freehand detailing around them.

 I hope you enjoyed this post I know it is different to my regular posts. Sometimes its just fun to shake it up a bit...shake it like a Polaroid picture..shake it off... you get the idea. I've also been really sick so it was fun to paint but more leisurely than doing intense freehand stuff.

Which of these matching designs did you like the best? Do you have plans to dress up formally this year?

Have a great day!


  1. They are perfect manis - true to the inspiration - well done!

  2. I love this post! Your designs really match the dresses perfectly, great! I can't decide which one I like best, they're all so pretty.

  3. I like all of these manis and honestly, don't know which one to choose!

  4. wowwww I love all these manicures, this post is soo creative!

  5. These dresses are so beautiful and you came up with gorgeous maching manis, I can't even choose my favourite :)

  6. I love this, using dresses as inspiration :) You did an awesome job! I think I like the first design best... although they were all really pretty! xx

  7. I love your inspiration, you nails all look amazing!

  8. Happy New Year!
    The second manicure is definitely my favorite but that's no surprise as I'm firmly settled in the nude/office friendly department at the moment ;)
    Oh, and if I really had to choose I would pick the left dress but with a lighter accent color (maybe the orange in the second picture on the site, maybe something else) and I would get rid of the neck thingie... but I'm already married and my dress didn't disappear just before I had to put it on :D

  9. All these designs are really pretty, I especially love the first one -- so elegant!

  10. All three match the dresses perfectly and my absolute favorite one is the first mani!


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