Easy Star Nail Vinyl Stencil Stickers With Holo! - Born Pretty Store Review

Allo polish Pals!
How are you all doing today? Today I am kicking off my first review for the Born Pretty Store in 2016! And what better way then to throw some holographic at you. I think my new camera picks up holographic's better but what do you guys think? I've been quite impressed with some of my other pictures I've taken lately, not so much these though. I keep getting obsessed that some look blurry and then I'm just really unsure.

Today I am showing you Easy Star Nail Vinyl Stencil Stickers from the Born Pretty Store.

Also I discovered during this post that no matter how hard I try its impossible for me to type the word vinyl without making a typo!

I'm still getting the hang of this camera..

These nail vinyl's come on a long sheet containing 12 entire vinyl's in two different patterns (6 of each) I opted for these super cute stars and leopard print sheet. I'm aware leopard print can be easily achieved with a dotting tool or stamping plate but I find it less easy to get a good star pattern on my nails (we all know what my stamping abilities are like. Its not much to get excited about!)

My first thought was... “There are only six of each pattern. And I need all the stars on all the nails because... I'm Ithi and have you not met me yet?! Lets put everything on all the nails!”. Basically.. If you want to have a star party on all your nails one packet will not be enough. This also doesn't really allow for any mistakes or accidents either since you wont really have any left over to start over with.

Play time was interesting... That's for sure. I applied two coats of Color Club's 'Eternal Beauty' and allowed ample dry time because we all know what happens to wet polish when you peel off a sticker – nobody likes that weird gloopy mess that gets left behind.

Now I'm not entirely sure if it was the vinyl's or myself.. but it looked as though the vinyl's were somehow too sticky, as I carefully tried to peel the vinyl after the polish application it pulled and created this awfully stringy sticky mess causing some of my stars to get really, really... quirky.
See left side of my thumb for reference. Those are some real interesting stars, huh?

I would say I need more practice but I've used other vinyl's before and not experienced the actual vinyl being so tacky and sticky. I think everyone has their own favorite brands of nail vinyl's and probably good and bad experiences with different ones. I would certainly try this again but as an over all I wasn't inlove with this.
Browsing through the customer gallery there are some fantastic manicures so perhaps I'm just not a good viynl'er

Have you experienced super sticky nail vinyl's before? How do you think my manicure turned out?

Have a fabulous day!



  1. It looks fab! I have never tried vinyls..so do not have any idea about it...But yes, you said it right...everyone has their own favourite brands and yes ofcourse, experience also plays vital role...Overall, I am loving these look!

    1. Aww thank you, Nailfame! That makes me feel quite good since I felt so hit and miss with this finished manicure! Perhaps I just need more practice! xx

  2. I love the holo polish and the start look nice on it. I never tried vinyls, so I can not give you any tip, how to use them to get a flawless effect!

  3. These look great! I LOVE the holo base. I've never worked with vinyls but I've been seeing them everywhere recently and I'm loving the designs. Also, lol I can't type the word vinyl either! It always comes up vinly.

  4. They sometimes leave glue indeed!

  5. I like the design :) I've had the stringy gloopy problem before when using striping tape. For me I think the polish i used over it was too thick and dried too fast causing it to stretch into gooey strings when I peeled the vinyl away. Not sure if that's the same issue you're having? Maybe try it again with a different polish over the vinyl and see if that helps?

  6. good vinyls are not too sticky....
    Amazing design dear Ithi :)

  7. Hm, sorry to hear that it didn't work out for you! I've tried these vinyls myself (but a different pattern) and didn't have that problem with them. Love the design you created though! And yeah I agree, six of each pattern is a really weird number!

  8. Great review! I don't tend to have great luck with vinyls, but maybe I just haven't tried enough.

  9. I have also tried vinyls a few days ago but I didn't have any problem with them. I usually stick the vinyl to my skin to make it less sticky and the apply on my nails. It's just to be sure that I will not ruin the design.

  10. I have yet to test BornPretty vynils but my first reaction was the same as yours: why only 6??


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