Freehand Delicate Pink Water Colour Flowers

Allo polish Pals,
How are you doing? Did you enjoy the first weekend of this new year? Tell me something exciting you did!
Yesterday I had my whole family over for Sunday roast and then we went for a nice long family walk in the countryside, I feel so much better for it!

Today I have a manicure I feel really hit and miss about. The more I look at it I don't know if I like it or not. It was inspired by this beautiful water colour picture I found on Pinterest. However... I really can not paint flowers so I think I'll make this a point of improvement for this year!

For this manicure I began with two coats of Barry M's 'White' and once dry used the water colour method to create my base. Next I painted in my flowers and sealed with Catrice's gel effect top coat. I also decided to try this with a matte top coat which I think personally looked better.

I dunno.. This had so much potential but yeah...

What do you think of this manicure? Yay or nay – you can be as honest as you like!
Have a lovely day!


  1. A firm yay! I love the background and yes, I love the flowers too. You may see flaws but I see a gorgeous manicure :)

  2. I LOOOVE it - so delicate and beautiful, well done!

  3. This is beautiful -- I thought the flowers were stickers at first, they're flawless!

  4. That looks stunning, I love this watercolour effect <3

  5. This is so beautiful, makes me want spring to come right away!

  6. Nothing much exciting till the new week really... but I love your mani, it's so cute and I want spring :)

  7. real sunny garden ! adorale work dear ! i have enjoyed in your pictures !

  8. The flowers are so sweet! I like the shading and the background! :D :D

  9. I showed this Mani to my little sister in Instagram and she asked if its water decals. I said no its free handed, she wouldn't believe me. So I showed more of your nail art after that What can I say she loved it all. You got yourself a little stalker ;)

  10. Wow...It's sooooooo beautiful.... <3

  11. It is nice to see such wonderful and delicate flowers when the weather outside is freezing and super wet. Love the details in this beautiful work!
    I want to wish you here too all the best for this new year!


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