Ithi In Space! DIY Dry Marble Decals & Freehand Nail Art!

Allo polish Pals!
How are you all doing today? Do you have any exciting plans this weekend?
Today I have a manicure to share with you that probably isn't the greatest but it was a lengthy process to get to its completed state! I have a before and after, then I'll explain what I did!

          *How do I manage to cleanup all the decals but leave traces of the freehanding paint?! Duhhhh

So I began this manicure by applying some regular top coat to an old piece laminate flooring. Its my poor man's 'Uber Mat' but you know what, stuff peels off so it'll do! I then began layering a mixture of Barry M's 'VIP', Fogan's glitter I forgot.., Lady Venezia Don't remember the name also.. (When I am sick I get stupid-brain) Color Club's 'Eternal Beauty' and TipTop Polishes 'Jazz Berry'. Next I took a tooth pick and began swirling the polishes around in no real order what so ever – skills, bahaha. I left all of this in a safe place to dry over night.

The next day I painted my nails with just my base coat of OPI's 'Nail Envy' and carefully began to unpeel the decals. I trimmed them down to fit my nail length and rubbed them gently onto the nail. I used nail polish remover and a fine square brush to gently remove any excess from around my nails and cuticles.

I then added some freehand planets, stars and a little Ithi floating around in space (she looks nothing like me) I'm quite blah about the freehand stuff but I love the concept. I'll be doing more decals like this in the future, they look so interesting!

What do you think about this manicure? Do you like to mix up technique together?

Have a gorgeous day,


  1. I love it ! It's really pretty !
    I really like the way you painted the galaxy, it's well done ! ;)

  2. This is so beautiful! I wish I had your freehand skills, I'm happy if I even succeed with a stick figure on a regular piece of paper ;)

  3. It's fantastic! And your freehand is AMAZING.

    This is such a complicated, lovely job.

  4. This is so beautiful and out of this world ;) literally



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