Shiny Holographic Laser Nail Foil Paper - Born Pretty Store Review

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Allo polish Pals!
How are you doing today? It has been a craaaaazy start to the week for me. On Tuesday our wardrobe/closet literally started falling apart. Shelves where coming out, clothes everywhere. Our room is really small and once everything was out of the closest (massive, three doors) we had to rebuild it, basically. It was 11pm by the time I got everything back to how it was but On the plus side I have an actual (sorta) painting desk/corner. I'll share pictures in the near future.

Today I have something pretty to show you! This is 'Shiny Holographic Laser Nail Foil Paper' from The Born Pretty Store.

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Don't be foiled nail friends! This pretty looking foil is actually more like 'angel paper' – yes, the same stuff that trended like crazy during the end of last year. This stuff is perfect for creating the popular 'glass shard' manicure style. It does not come in a screw bottle like foils, it comes in a plastic and card packet, similar to water decals. I chose the lightest colour but there were several more colours available in the store. It is 20cm in length and 5cm in width – There's enough to play with and to produce manicures but if your still trending over this and want to do it all the time perhaps stock up on two packets.

I chose to try the popular glass nails look – its simple enough and I had never done one, so why not?! First of all I began cutting up my angel paper with my craft knife. My pieces are really small. Smaller than I've seen people do.. which meant I needed more pieces!

I began with my usual base coat, OPI's 'Nail Envy' and once dry applied two coats of Barry M's white. Now... both the packet and the store's instructions told me to apply this on top of nearly dry nail polish and then apply top coat. This did not work out well for me. My first attempt saw the topcoat seem to slip between my polish and the paper which caused really ugly bubbles behind the paper. So I applied some nail foil glue and added my cut up shards on top.

Overall I really love the look of this holographic paper. I just wish I could have worked out a way to cover the entire nails. Its too difficult to apply it and then cute around the nails with cuticle clippers.. any suggestions?

Have you tried glass shard nails before? What do you think of this manicure?

Have a wonderful day!


  1. It looks really beautiful and fascinating - but I'm pretty sure I would hate the removal :D

  2. its amazing. I always wonder how the shattered glass effect is created. Love it. Very interesting :D

  3. I like how it looks like but I wouldn't like the way of application...

  4. Your shattered glass nail art came out quite interesting! I have some nail foils to review and I am super curious how they will look on my nails.

  5. So pretty, i love all the different colours you can get from the foil =]

  6. amazing result Ithi! Also I love your video as well :)

  7. blink blink ! i like your video , too

  8. I like the end result! Not sure I would have the patience for that application though :P

  9. I like how you used smaller pieces! I really like the look of glass nails but haven't ordered any foil yet... Not sure I would have the patience for the application haha

  10. This is beautiful and it looks just like shattered glass!

  11. I love this shattered glass effect, it looks so good <3 I really need to try it myself :D


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