Freehand Clear Pond & Koi Carp

Allo polish Pals!

How are you all doing today? I hope Feburary has been kind to you so far. Thank you guys for all the caring comments about my blog down time - Lets hope we can go from Feb to Feb'17 without any hitches! I'm slowly getting over my sickness but my body is just so achey. This weekend Mr Bravo's niece will be coming to stay over for a week, I always like seeing her! :) She does the exact same as my niece - first thing in the morning she checks to see whats new on my nails! 

Today's manicure is actually my second attempt at it. It's probably been a good couple of years since I wanted to create a sort of... zen koi carp manicure. Something that looks clean and soothing... This is the best I could really come up with.

I don't even have much to tell you about this manicure. I took a lot of inspiration from *This* pin on Pinterest. I used only one polish, Essie's 'Cashmere Bathrobe' to create a darker look between the all the stones. Next I used my acrylic paints and began painting the fish first. It was certainly a lot harder than I had expect. I had a lot of trouble with the fins and tails. Next I added a few little lily pads here and there and then proceeded to cover the remaining spaces with varying sized rocks.

I also added a watery look... however it seemed to dry like a streaky, chalky blue which I wasn't *too* happy about! 

It was a pretty intense and long process but I am glad I tried it again. I believe when I initially tried it years ago I tried to do it all with nail polish... no.. just no!

What do you think of my Koi carp pond? Have you done nails that have made you feel relaxed while creating them before?

Have a wonderful day,


  1. Wonderful job. I love how the fishes came out. Brilliant painting :D

  2. really beautiful nail art dear Ithi :D

  3. Fishy fishy fishy! I really like this manicure :X

  4. I think you did a great job with interpreting that photo, your manicure is beautiful as always! I don't think I said it before, but I love the new blog design as well :)
    I hope you'll feel better soon!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comment, Emelie! I felt like it was time for a little change - I like to dress my blog according to my weather-feels, haha. In winter I had the warm peachy gold shades to warm me up and now I'm channeling summer! :) xx

  5. Amazing design!!!! Your nail art surprise me each time. I like so much your ideas and the realisation is a usual wonderful!!


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