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Allo polish Pals!

Ithinitybeauty is back! I am so sorry if any of you tried to view my blog in the last few days, you may or may have not noticed IthinityBeauty was down - This was never a decision on my side (I had so many posts ready!) if I ever decide to leave blogging I would let you know by leaving a post up, not just deleting my blog. I'm really touched that some of you reached out in concern - I know I kept a really nice posting pattern going, I'll get back into it.

What happened. I'd been with my domain/hosting company for some time, 2-3 years. Occasionally there were issues that led to being down, Never too long or anything too serious..But comms could be slow. But I emailed them in December, while home in England and I never got a reply. The reason the blog was down this time was because of a Dos attack on their server. I guess I'm lucky to be on blogger than have an independent blog that may have got wiped. I still had absolutely no information at all. The company I was with never emailed me back, or even after a few attempts of emailing. Luckily I found a company with many Adam's who where able to help me in live chat - even though I wasn't a customer or their problem at all. I've now moved to their company - with this and the changes I've made (and am still making) thing are getting back to normal.

Today's swatch is a polish that my Mum bought back for me from her holiday in Greece last year – this polish has me baffled... You'll see why! This is 'One's '23'

Click to inspect the oddness.
Colour ~ '23' is really quite a fun shade, I would describe it as somewhere in between a lime green and a mint – its quite a refreshing looking shade but wait a minute... what are those black specks? This polish does not state anywhere that it is a speckle and personally I think the black specks look out of place. Did something go funky during production? What do you guys think – do you think the black specks look like they are supposed to be there..?!

Application ~ Application was absolutely fine considering the oddness of the speckies. It has a fairly reasonable dry time despite its consistency. I applied to coats and had no issues with bubbling or streaking.

Texture ~ Somewhere in the medium range in terms of thickness and dries to a rubbery semi matte finish.

Recommend it to a friend? Maybe if they like weird grubby looking bits..

★★/5 Let me say this.. I don't hate this polish but the particals just don't look like they were intentional and that freaks me out about, if it wasn't supposed to be in this polish...what the frack is it?! I do really like the colour and application was fine so its kinda a shame...

I'm also really sick with the flu. The kind of flu that makes you feel exhausted even just getting out of bed. On top of the stress of the the blog going, the stress of working out how to pay for a new hosting home, the stress of the flu - which all contributes... I feel like I am a weird creature. I need to have control. I plan my posts sometimes two weeks in a head if I can, I like that. I need things to be set in certain ways. I freaked when a certain statistic wasn't at the same number and I fall apart when I didn't have control of the things I should be able to handle! ~ THEN you put the stomach syndrome on top. I've not been my usual go-getting self.   I'm sorry for not commenting lately. I'll sort it out.

What do you think of this polish? Do those specks belong there?!

Have a fantastic day!


  1. I am glad that everything is OK now and I LOVE the new layout of the blog, I think it is much better than the old one! You made a great swatch and you already now that I love green shades and this one makes no exception!
    I hope you will get better soon and get more energy. I have the flu too, but not so bad as you!

  2. I'm searching for such shade at the moment, haven't found any! So spring-like!

  3. I was so worried when you site was down, I checked back everyday! So glad you are back :)

  4. Sorry to hear about your problems with your domain company... Glad you got it sorted and hope you recover from the flu! The polish is a nice Kelly green color :) I think the black specks look accidental... I think they would be bigger and more uniform if they were designed to be there :/

  5. Sorry to hear about your domain problems, hope it will be better now!
    This shade of green is so gorgeous and bright, but I agree, the black specks look a little... off? To me, it doesn't look like they're supposed to be there at least.

  6. Oh, so sorry to hear about your problems with the domain...
    About the polish... I really like the colour, it's super bright and energetic, and although these specks seem a bit... accidental?, it doesn't look so bad in the end :D


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