Saturday, 20 February 2016

The Lonely Sail Boat

Allo polish Pals!

How you doin'? I hope you are having a good weekend is going well as and when you read this :)
I'm so out of...everything! Normally all my posts are done two weeks or so in advance, written, pictures edited but being ill completely threw me. I'm sorry that today's post is not ground breaking, I am working hard on posts and freehand designs. I've just been in a slump!

Today I have a really simple manicure to show you, this one was inspired by *this* pin on Pinterest. I just thought there was something cute about that lone paper boat... Sadly I did this before my Pro-FX top coat arrived... that super shine would have looked awesome with this manicure!

For this manicure I began this manicure by painting two coats of Barry M's 'Black' and added Paris Memories 225 on top which is a black gelly with silver glitter – cute for stars I was thinkin'! Next I began using my acrylics to paint the sea, stars, and the boat. I finished it all off with my Catrice top coat (I have come to hate this stuff, it has destroyed too many manicures and dies before half way of the bottle!!) I also added a little of Hema's 'Green Circus' to the waves for a little sparkle!

What do you think of my peaceful starry night nails? Have you had sea nails before?

Have a lovely day!


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