16 Pc Holographic/Shimmer Full Nail Art Stickers - Born Pretty Store Review

*This post contains items that were given for reviewing purposes however I will still provide my full and honest experience.

Allo polish Pals!
How are you doing today? I am wishing you all a fabulous weekend, are you doing anything exciting?
I've got some rather mesmerizing nail art stickers to share with you today from The Born Pretty Store. Ready for some holo-tastic nails? These are '16 PcHolographic/Shimmer Full Nail Art Stickers' in #1.

These nail sticker/wraps come containing 16 beautiful stickers. Excuse the underwhelming picture of the packaging, don't let that fool you. They come in varying sizes and I had no trouble matching the sizes up to my own nails. I used the smaller ones and found them to be a good fit without having to trim around the nail sticker, only the excess at the ends. I have to say, I really really love the end result. Beautifully shimmery and practically fuss free to achieve. In fact you could do these on the go provided you had a pair of tweezers and a file with you!

To apply these I began with my regular base coat, OPI's 'Nail Envy' and once dry began to select which sizes which best fit each nail. They were a little difficult to peel off from the plastic base so I had to be careful not to tear them. They were however really fast and awesome to apply, this was probably the fastest and easiest experience I have had with wraps/stickers. I began by aligning the stickers under the cuticles and carefully smoothing them out onto the whole nail. Next I cut off any excess flappy bits that hung over the tips of my nails and proceeded to file off any extra/less smooth parts.

I didn't apply a top coat because I knew I would probably not be wearing them for too long (Blogger life, huh? Otherwise I would have kept them on as long as possible!) but I can tell you about the removal process. As you may know from your own experiences it can be a bit tricky to remove nail stickers such as these. I allowed my nails to soak in warm water with a little olive oil, I figured it might help lift underneath the stickers. I stick had a fair bit of peeling off to do but it was a fairly gentle process.

I am really in love with them. I think they look a little like pixels. The photo's really do not do it justice, it really does have a very pretty holographic shimmer to them!

What do you think of these nail art stickers? How do you feel about stickers? Yay or nay?

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  1. These holographic sticker are stunning. The shimmer is amazing:)

  2. My exciting thing today was cleaning windows ;)
    Gorgeous stickers!

  3. These looks amazing! I've never seen stickers like these!


  4. Ohh these look so great, so shiny and holographic ♥♥♥

  5. These were really pretty! I tend to avoid nail stickers since I never get them to look good (or last more than 5 minutes) on me, but perhaps I should give it another try!

  6. wow these are gorgeous! Like disco balls on your nails :)


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