Clear Jelly/Marshmallow Nail Stamper And Scraper Set - Born Pretty Store Review

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Today I have a product to show you that seems to have so much hype surrounding it. The mighty clear jelly stamper. Now as you guys are well aware... Ithi don't stamp. I've tried many ways, many stampers, many scrapers..many a time. It was just something that didn't work out well for me (possibly due to lack of practice but I personally found my previous attempts just too frustrating)

Well.. Today I have the 'Clear/marshmallow silicone stamping set' from The Born Pretty Store to share with you... Am I impressed? You'll see.

I am absolutely in love with this stamper. It has a large clear stamping surface made from silicone, measuring approximately 2.8cm in size. Now one of my past peeves with stamping has always been not feeling like I could cover the entire length/width of my nail but this stamper easily takes care of that, I'm still amazed to see an entire pattern on my thumb nail – the one I struggled with most.

I'm 'take it or leave' it with the scraper but I feel that is just a personal preference, I prefer to use thin plastic cards such as old library cards etc. 

Of course one of the most awesome highlights about this stamper is that it is entirely clear. You've got that wonderful squisher clear stamper and the other end is hollow so you are completely able to look through and see your pattern; You can imagine how much easier it makes it to be able to see where you are looking to put your pattern onto your nails. Something else I noticed is that is seems to magnify. Take a look at it in my short clip, posted above the jump if you didn't already. Its pretty cool and very, very handy.

I am incredibly happy with this stamper, I feel like its been a total game changer for me. Now I can join in with all the stamping fun!

This manicure began with two coats of Barry M's 'White', I then took my red, orange and pink acrylics and created a gradient over three nails. On the remaining nails I created a simple water colour look. I then used my Barry M white to stamp using the BPL-025 plate which I won from Bubica's contest a while ago (Thank you, I LOVE it! I had been dying to use it but was too scared of stamping!!)

What do you think of my stamping manicure? Do you like to stamp, what sort of stamper do you use?

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Yaaaayyyy for the first stamped manicure!

    Love it >:D<

    1. Thank you so much, Andreea! There will be more stamping! xx

  2. I like your stamping a lot! I admit I'm not a fan of this stamper. I have it but the rubber is too hard and I prefer the sticky ones. So it all depends on a person :) Also the rubber doesn't collect all patterns well in my case. Maybe I got a different one? It looks the same but doesn't come from BPS.

    1. I think you are right, A.notcopyacat, I always say different things work for different people. Maybe it is not the same stamper as this one is seeeeriously soft and squishy! Thank you :) xx

  3. The clear stamper would be really helpful :D I love the base. it gorgeous. love the color :D

  4. Your stamping looks really good, but those other nails... wow!! Any chance on an explanation for the freehand-nail art-challenged among your readers (meaning moi)? *tries to turn on puppy eyes for more begging power*

  5. amazing nail design dear Ithi. My favourite stamper is from Moyou Nails :) I have this one from BPS as well but I haven't tried yet

  6. i don;t stamp either but this is making me want to. Your stamping looks perfect!

  7. Wow...These is truly incredible! It sounds a perfect stamper for very unenthusiastic stamping lover like me! ^_^

  8. So Beautiful. Love the pointer and ring finger :)


  9. As I mentioned on FB, I simply love this cute nail art and the colors are working perfectly together!


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