Freehand Drippy Pastels And Henna Pattern

Allo polish Pals!

How are you doing today? I hope your week has started out nicely?

I feel like I say this all the time but I've just not been feeling so great lately. Some of you know I have a stomach syndrome and lately my whole food relationship has just not been great – because of it I am not focusing as well as I like to with my freehand designs, everything I do has left me really...”Oh..that's it?” when it comes to looking at my pictures.

I'm going to take today and Wednesday off from painting, hopefully on Thursday I can come up with something I am actually happy with! You know I hate posting things I think are not good enough to show you! 

This manicure was a little off. I should have made my henna pattern one shade lighter so it stood out more but hey.. It is still kind of effective! Also, where it looks like there is no pattern on my thumb I promise there was! No idea what happened there, haha.

For this manicure I began with my favorite base coat, OPI's 'Nail Envy' and once dry applied two slick coats of Fearne's 'Night Owl', a gorgeous black with subtle silver tones (Oil slick would have been a cute name for it) I then began mixing acrylic paint and started painting on my drips. Finally I mixed some dark grey paint and began to freehand this henna inspired pattern. I finished it all off with Pro-FX top coat and applied Barry M's matte top coat.

I think its a shame the pattern is so subtle. I guess with a bright light on while painting I didn't think it would look so subtle. But its there, none the less!

What do you guys think of this stark contrast? Do you like drippy looking manicures?

Have yourself a dandy day!


  1. How can you think about all these unique combinations and not only that, you translate them so well on nails. I love these mani...That heena design is so neat clean and perfect that it looks like you have stamped it. *_* You are amazing! <3 I hope you are feeling good...Get well soon,and take care. We can't wait more to see you with new manis. :-)

  2. I love the way you combined this mani, it is really unique and gorgeous!

  3. I love the contrast between the black and the bright colors. The nail design is original and fantastic!

  4. I like it, it is unusual again.

  5. I love this! The subtle pattern is so pretty and the drips are so cool!! Feel better :)

  6. I think your design is very pretty! I also like that the henna pattern is not painted in a lighter shade, I think this soft contrast is perfect because there's already the big contrast with the dripping design.

  7. I love it <3 I know, not a surprising comment coming from me, but your works just get to me do much :D

  8. Nail envy is my favourite too! Great job on the henna design... I actually like that it's subtle :) I love the paint drip look too!

  9. I wish my off were all like this! It's gorgeous as any other mani you got us used to!
    Hope you're getting better, by the way.


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