Happy Easter! Freehand Bunny With Pull Along Ducks!

Allo polish Pals!

Happy Easter to you all! I hope you are having a fab weekend, celebrating or not.  :) 
What are you doing today, do you have any plans for it? - If we were in England I'd buy Mr Bravo the biggest chocolate egg I could find!

I feel like a lot of my readers are based in different countries other than England and Holland so can you answer this?  -  Have you ever had a Cadbury's Cream Egg? - thoughts?!

Nothing much is happening here, I kind of wish I was in England so I could help do a Easter Egg hunt for my Niece and Nephew. Feels like ages since I saw my family...I know, I know. It was only January.. In the morning I will work on some nail art and in the afternoon go into office mode to edit and write up all the stuff I've just not been able to do recently.

Today of course I have some Easter-ish nails for you! What does the Easter Bunny do on his days off – guess he is unemployed apart from one day a year, right?!... but what do you think he does for fun? Maybe he likes to play with pull along toys?!

For this manicure I began with two coats of Barry M's 'White' and allowed to dry. I then created an acrylic-gradient on my thumb going from bright yellow and fading into white. I added a cute little bow and some polka dots. I then moved on to my bunny and once finished with the acrylics added my Pro-FX top coat. I decided to try it matte by adding Barry M's 'Matte top coat' and decided I much prefer that look!

What do you think of my scruffy Easter bunny? Did you do any Easter nail art?
Have a gorgeous day! ~ I'll see you on Tuesday!


  1. This is really cute ithi! I love the little rubber ducks :) I'm in Canada and they sell Cadbury cream eggs here although I've never tried one... I usually don't like chocolate with cream filling so that's why I never bought any. I did a simple Easter egg stamping mani this year... It will be up later today :)

  2. Happy Easter dear Ithi :)
    I love your beautiful design and funny bunny is gorgeous :)

  3. That is just gorgeous <3
    As for Cadbury, I don't think we have it in Poland, but then I've never really looked for it specifically, so I might be wrong... But chocolate and cream - I'd definitely buy this egg :D
    Happy Easter!

  4. Wow, such a beautiful and eye-catching nail art designs. Really, I appreciate it. Nail art is one of important thing which has become very popular in the recent times and a number of women go for nail treatment nowadays. Last month I went to The Nail Place and did a nail art design in this popular saloon. Keep blogging.

  5. these look like a page out of a children's book!

  6. So cute!! My nephew has a pull along toy like this, but with little fire trucks instead of duckies :)
    I've never had a Cadbury's Cream egg but there is a Marks & Spencers over here now so I think someone is going to pay them a visit soon to get his lovely wife something yummy *glares at husband*


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