Plaid In Purple

Allo polish Pals!
How are you all doing today?

I may have mentioned it before but I am part of a fantastic nail group on Facebook called Tiny Canvas (Seriously, the nicest bunch of ladies from all around the world – no horrible critiquing or judgement just a group full of love and support for all those who are passionate about nail art! )

At Tiny Canvas they do a weekly challenge where everybody can join it although it is not mandatory. A couple of weeks back they have a plaid theme and I decided to enter – you saw one manicure already but this was the second. I really wanted to get some line practice in!

I began with my favorite base coat, OPI's Nail Envy and once dry I applied three coats of NYC's 'Classy Creamy'. I then made a gradient using acrylic paint (Doesn't seem like I ever make polish gradients anymore, huh?) And added my plaid pattern using a striping brush to create my baselines and my detailing brush in attempt to clean up any wobbles!

I'm not that sure if this manicure really 'works' but it was fun to join in and any practice is good!

What do you think of my purple plaid pattern? Have you done plaid nails before?
Another note - what do you think of my new watermark/logo? kinda ties the whole blog together, don't you think?

Have a wonderful day!



  1. That plaid mani is just perfect, and I also love the colors!

  2. Fab fab fab! You nailed it Ithi! ^_^ ^_^ :-)

  3. Gorgeous!!! Just looking at your manicure makes me want to start searching for colors in my stash and paint my nails :)

  4. I haven't tried any yet, but I'm really fond of the pattern and yours is truly amazing <3 Love the subtle shades, they make it perfect for a very relaxing sleep <3

  5. The colours look great together, I love this design :)


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