Sketch Flower/Plant Nail Art Water Decals - Born Pretty Store Review

*This post contains items that were given for reviewing purposes however I will still provide my full and honest experience.

Allo polish Pals!
How are you all doing, I'm wishing you a wonderful Wednesday! Has anything interesting happened in your week so far?

 I feel great! Good things are finally happening..The internet is fixed! Yesterday was a great day, my domain is finally done. Sorted. Fixed entirely! There should be no more issues! I have all the prizes from a nail art contest I won recently, I am *most* excited about trying my new brushes, so much so that I've been decorating my brush holder (how sad) I'm just feeling more positive. There are more things but I'm talking too much. Its just nice to say things are... good after a slump, Ya know? :)

Today I have a set of really beautiful water decals to share with you.
I realized while applying these how long it has been since I did decals. I had those floral ones which felt like forever ago.. I kinda missed the application process of applying decals!

This beautiful set come from The Born Pretty Store, These are 'Sketch Flower/Plant Nail Art Water Decals' in 'DLS 344'

I think we are all pretty educated on how water decals are applied so I will save myself from repeating the method – If you do want to know how these work just leave a message in the comments (and click notify so you'll see my reply!) and I will fill you in, no problem!

Where do I start?! I am just loving these beautiful and artistic looking water decals. They feature two different drawing styles of flowers with fun bursts of inky, water colour looking patterns and splodges through out the decals. These decals are completely solid (The white part is white, not transparent) so you can wear them over any polish but white will probably work best, I am wearing them under my standard Barry M 'White' just because I want those colours to pop! These are the kind of decals I feel a little bummed about having to remove, I'd be happy to wear these over a longer period of time than I did.

I had absolutely no trouble applying these decals and as you'll see from the photo of the packaged decals you'll get more than enough to apply to each nail or wear as accents (Can you imagine this as an accent with the perfect coloured polishes? - sunshine, summer nails!)

Do you like these cheery floral water decals? Do you enjoy the process of applying water decals or hate it?

Have a wonderful day, Don't forget to come visit again soon!


  1. They are beautiful. My kind of pattern :)

  2. It's so nice to see that your spirits have been lifted! These decals are gorgeous as well :)

  3. This is indeed a wonderful water decal. Perfect for this season!

  4. wow! whole mani looks exquisite dear Ithi :)

  5. Glad to hear good things are happening for you Ithi! These decals are really pretty :)

  6. This is so pretty, it looks perfect for spring ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  7. Aww, these decals are really lovely! They don't even seem to be decal, just another amazing nail art of yours!

  8. I need to come and take some lessons from yoou!

    You apply them perfectly.

  9. Ja myślałam że zrobiłaś wzór kolorowy Gąbką a kwiaty to pieczątki, pięknie Ci to wyszło


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