Spingy One-Stroke Flowers Over Stamping

Allo polish Pals!

How are you doing today? Did you have a wonderful Easter? We didn't really do anything here but I did get to have a little chat with my Niece and Nephew which really brightened up my day. Did you have anything happen at the weekend to put a smile on your face?

I recently decided to try one stroke again... I've tried before and I know its a technique that really grows with practice but I was quite happy with how a couple of my flowers turned out – I started this really late at night and I could see the quality of my concentration went down hill around the middle finger to the pinky. I also outlined my flowers with their starting colour which I think detracted from the one-stroke look....but hey, its fun to try things!

For this manicure I began with one of my fave polishes, Erre Due's '#155' (I so wish I could get this brand locally!!) And once dry decided to stamp (After years of detesting stamping.. look at me go!)
using Barry M's 'Green Berry' and my gorgeous FUN16 plate from Fab Ur Nails (I won a gift certificate in a contest recently – love their brushes and plates!) I then attempted my one stroke flowers and when finished applied my Pro-FX quick dry top coat.

I am really keen to try one stroke again sometime, preferably during the day time. When I start nails past 9pm it never ends great!

What do you think of my one-stroke attempt? Have you used that technique before?

Have a beautiful day,


  1. Absolutely, It's a fun to try things and I always wonder how beautifuly you add multiple things in a single mani and they look super gorgeous...Here in this manicure also you first stamped and then added one stroke flowers! I must say you are so dedicated to nailart. Just amazing! And I love your flowers! They looks so pretty! <3 ^_^ I have never used this technique on my nails...I tried on paper for 3-4 times and it were all a failed attempts, But now I think I need to take it in my high priority list and should practice it more! :-)

  2. wonderful idea Ithi, your flowers are gorgeous and look fantastic on the yellow stamped background :)

  3. Cutesies again. And what a lovely yellow!

  4. This nail art screams spring and fun! Love the colors and the stamped pattern and one stroke flowers are breathtaking pretty!

  5. Gorgeous flowers, I love this spring mani <3


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