Counting Freehand Kawaii Sheep

Allo polish Pals!

Happy Thursday to you all!  - random question, whats your favorite day of the week?? I always like Friday's as I have my weekly catch up skype call to my sister and I skype with my mum (Although I skype with her everyday!)

I've always had a dislike for Tuesday's and I have no idea where it comes from! O... I did have an Aunt pick me up from school on Tuesday's who would make me hold hands with her walking home... down the same route EVERYONE in the school lived..(I lived away from school, everyone thought my mums car was cool  - it wasn't but ok, kids are kids.) My Aunt would wanna.. hold hands (That's fine! OK! But don't make me...) and skip along... The skipping...Skip Skip Skip.  No idea why I am sharing that with you but I love that I am :)


Today I have a manicure that I'm not sure how I feel about it. I really liked the idea but something happened to my thumb-sheep... kinda bubbled or something.. I don't know ~ I feel like I am posting inadequate things lately... I just need some very good strong ideas to come through. But anyway.. lets take a look!

I should really practice getting enough sleep, I'm lucky if I get about 5 hours most of the time, not good!

For this manicure I began by applying two coats of NYC's 'Bronx Paparazzi' and added a coat of my Pro-Fx quick drying top coat. Next I moved onto my acrylics, using a silver to create a subtle ruffian look, next I painted my sheep and began to fill in the surrounding space with numbers using a light purple I had mixed. I finished off by sealing it all in with my Pro-Fx again.

What do you think of my Kawaii sheep? Did you ever try counting sheep when you couldn't sleep?!

Have a wonderful day,
Lets regroup on Saturday, I'll bring the tea/coffee, you bring your lovely self!


  1. They are so cute! Mine would be pi^*ed off because of lack of sleep ;D
    Favourite day of the week? I guess I don't have such one.

  2. Hahahhaa...Love to read about your childhood memories!There is one thing which works in my case,so just thought to tell you,And it's just a suggestion if you don't mind, why don't you try chanting a mantra when you are not able to sleep, try deep breathing and chant Om or whatever that can calm you. Anyways let's get back from mediation to manicure... ;-) , I can't see anything wrong with your thumb sheep, It's very sweet. I Love overall look of this manicure. :-)

  3. OMG!!! I can't believe you hand painted the cutest looking sheep as well as the tiny numbers!! They're SUPER cute!! I want to sleep with them <3

  4. oh , my dear lovely Ithi ! if the sheep are like on your nails , we would never fall asleep ! manicure is amazing, so cute so cute really !
    see you !

  5. Awwww! It's so cute! I like these sheeps a lot!


  6. You're way too hard on yourself, your sheep look adorable and the entire manicure looks great!

    My favorite day is probably Sunday. We try to get all chores and shopping done on Saturday and weekdays are reserved for work so Sunday usually is the day we stay at home, play some video-games, watch a movie and of course I do my nails... I love those lazy days :)

  7. Awww so adorable sheep. The manicure is just wonderful. :D

  8. I have usually sleepless nights but I never started to count sheep's, but seeing you're cute ones maybe I am going to imagine them and count them from now on...maybe it will help :) And your thumb-sheep is very well done dear!

  9. Your sheeps are sooo adorable, I'd love to cuddle them ♡

  10. beautiful and very artistic Ithi- your sheep look wonderful :)

  11. So cute sheep, I love them <3
    My fevourite day is probably Friday, I only have two classes and then I usually go home for the weekend. And I also like Thursdays, only one class in the evening and the whole day for myself :D

  12. Inadequate?! Seriously?! This mani is super cute and amazing!
    Insomnia's my best friend, sheeps don't work but I usually manage to fall asleep taking deep breaths.

  13. Aww the sheep are so cute and flaffy! X3


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